Best Way to Win the Game Easily: Top 3 Patti Tips and Tricks from Experts

3 patti trips and tricks

Looking for 3 Patti Tips and Tricks to help you easily win the game? Worry no more, our experts are here to serve you with the best way to win the game!

The 3 Patti game originated in the Indian subcontinent. The game is popular in Asian countries. 3 Patti game is also called flash or flush. 

It is played during Diwali and other several other Hindu celebrations. There are certain tricks to win the game easily. In this article, I give you top 3 patti tips and tricks.


Before you start playing the game, learn the rules thoroughly. The following are the important rules:

Set: This is also called trail. It is three cards with the same rank. Two’s are the lowest trails and aces are the highest.

Straight Flush: It is also called pure sequence. It is a set of three consecutive cards. The cards should be from the same suit. For instance, two, three and four diamonds or six, seven eight spades, etc.

Run: Here the cards should be consecutive but need not be from the same suit.

Color: The cards are from the same suit. But they are not in sequence. For instance, Queen, Jack and nine spades or three, five and eight hearts.

Learning the rules will help you make the right move in the game. For this reason, you should learn the rules before learning the 3 patti tips and tricks. 


You can play and practice online. This will help in gaining firsthand experience about the game. How the game works? When should you increase your bets? How to guess the other player status?

Play Blind

Keep your emotions under control. Do not let your opponent know about your status. Some players suggest faking. For instance, if you have good cards in hand, you put a sad face. 

This is to fool around the opponents, trick them to add in bets and win bigger lots. However, this might mislead you. Always play blind. Keep your expressions plain for a few rounds. 

Of all the 3 patti tips and tricks, this is the most important one. You may or may not follow other tricks. But you should certainly stick to this trick.

Start With Smaller Bets

Teen Patti is a long game. For this reason, you play many hands in one session. Therefore, you should always start with small bets. 

This will help in reducing the risks of losing money quickly. Small bets increase your chances of winning. Always increase your bets gradually.

Force Players To Fold

At the beginning of the game, go slow with the bet. Observe the calls and raises made by the other player. After a few rounds, place a big bet. This will force the players to fold.

When you follow this trick, the other players go under a wrong assumption that you have a better hand. And they fold even if they have stronger cards.

Good Face

Always keep your face blank. Hide your real feelings. You may wonder how my opponent will find out my emotions while I play online. Today most of the players prefer to play with chat box for this reason.

They like to develop a friendly game circle and put in efforts to know about their opponents. Because experienced players are well aware of the fact that of all the 3 patti tips and tricks, studying the facial expression of the players is the most important one.

Make sure the other players cannot read you. They should not know that you have a better hand. At this point, you may wonder if you can make false bets. OF course! Yes! The key is to force the other players fold even when they have strong hands. You can achieve this only by making them believe that you have strong hands.

Bad Hand

When your cards are bad, fold or bluff.

If you are a beginner, fold the game when you have a bad hand. Do this in the beginning of the game. That way you won’t lose more money.

Bluff when you have bad hand. Make the players believe that you have a strong hand. Do this with natural expressions. Plan ahead. 

To win over this trick, you have to practice putting blind face for a few rounds. Take charge slowly. Build a trap as the game advances. Hit in with a big bet when the right chance comes.

According to the experts, though the 3 patti tips and tricks help in winning the game, the real win is in handling a bad hand. This is because; you don’t get a good hand all the time.

Good Hand

When you have a good hand, go slow. Do not place a big bet at the beginning when you have a good hand. 

This is because the players with weak cards will then fold immediately. The trick here is to force the players to place more bets and increase the amount in the pot. Because winning chances are high for you.

Professionals suggest that, before learning the 3 patti tips and tricks, you should first learn to handle a good hand and a bad hand.

When you get a good hand, give in enough time for the amount in the pot to grow. Wait for the right time and hit!


Wait for your opportunity! Stay alert throughout the game. Avoid playing the game if you had a sleepless night. This is because 3 patti is a mind game. You should stay attentive to grab the right opportunity. 

For this, you need to study the players and their playing styles. You should try and find out if the player is bluffing. After a few rounds, you should be able to guess the moves of your opponents. This will help in nailing them at the right time. Wait till the opportunity knocks.

3 patti tips and tricks

Other 3 Patti Tips And Tricks

  • Study the gaming style of your opponents from time to time.
  • Do not be scared of losing the game. You can conquer fear when you start with small bets
  • Pack when you are not sure if your hands will win the game for you.

Hope my 3 patti tips and tricks are useful and help you winning the game.