The ‘Satta Matka’ Games

Satta matka games

The name ‘Matka in India means a clay pot used to draw numbers when gambling. Satta Matka games, also known as ‘Satta King,’ is a way of gambling or lottery that gained popularity before India got Independence. 

Initially, this game ‘Matka’ consisted of putting a stake in cotton’s opening and closing rates back then as it was transported to Bombay Cotton Exchange through Teleprinters.

Today, the modern form of playing ‘Matka’ involves picking random numbers and betting on them. The individuals involved in the game are expected to pick the right numerical value to win the game appropriately. 

The player who wins the game is crowned as the ‘Satta King’ and is rewarded handsomely, which is financial. Maharashtra is the epicenter of the modern Matka industry. Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India.

How Many Types Of Satta Matka Games Are There?

Kaylan and Worli are two of the most famous Satta Matka games. Kalyanji Bhagat, a Gujarat Farmer, started it in 1962, which was played on all days of the week. However, Rattan Khatri started ‘New Worli Matka’ in 1964 with a few changes, running only five days a week from Monday to Friday.

Some of the terms used in the game while playing include Jodi/pair, which means some pair of two digits between 00 and 99; Patti/Panna means three-digit numbers, berij which is the last digit of Jodi’s sum, and single, which is any number between 0and 9. 

Moreover, the term open result or close result, the outcome of Matka betting, is simultaneously used.

The words: Satta and ‘Matka’ shown by the Google trends data in 2018 were the top searches in the Madhya Pradesh state in 2018. ‘Satta ‘ was ranked fourth with a score of 36, and ‘Matka’ was ranked third with a score of 23. Ironically, any form of Satta Matka gambling in India is illegal. Matka is illegal in India, whether online or offline. 

Playing it and organizing it for money in public or private is a criminal offense punishable under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, where violators can be fined $100-200 or imprisoned for one to three months. 

However, the Satta Matka game is often confused with lotteries whereby several states such as Sikkim, Punjab, Arucachai Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam, Goa, Kerela, and Meghalaya playing of the lottery has been legalized.

The game is a game of chance, more of trying your luck. It can be called Prabhat Satta Matka and was played for entertainment while aiming to score the highest number possible by rolling the dice. 

You might ask yourself why the ban has not been lifted yet after all these years of Westernism encountering our daily lives. Well, some of the reasons why it is still illegal in some states in India are due to some political reasons that may sound debatable but are still illegal.

Why Did The Satta Matka Games Become Prohibited?

Satta matka games

Firstly, the government of India perceives Satta Matka and gambling as a political issue that Politicians can exploit. If the ban is lifted, it may be viewed as a morally dubious decision with the primary goal of earning revenue from people’s hard-earned money while imposing no taxes on the players.

Secondly, women and children are seen to be most affected in domestic abuse and substance abuse households. Matka gambling is viewed as a huge menace to men’s health, which may disrupt households due to addiction and thus affect the total happiness quotient of the country’s residents.

Thirdly, apart from Satta Matka being against moral principles, this gambling could also pilot the increase of financial crimes and theft and money laundering issues. Comprehensively, it is strenuous to establish rules and regulations to govern gambling in a country like India with a vast population that will curb gambling activities and constrain the crimes that may occur as an effect of Matka Satta games.

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What The Gambling Act Specifies About Satta Matka Games

The Public Gambling Act specifies a gambling house as any space enclosed or open that is a habitat for keeping and making use of playing cards, dice, and tables for commercial gains by the owner. On this note, The Public Gambling Act of 1867 does not specify and apply to online gambling; therefore, it provides a let-out for online gambling.

However, there is a catching point whereby an online gambling site created by a Native American individual can be considered a ‘public gambling house’ because betting takes place, and transactions are exchanged. 

To challenge the ‘flaw’ in the act, many states such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh have mapped out what we can term special laws that explicitly ban all forms of online gambling.

The lack of a valid license, company registration details, legit associations, an ‘about us page, concrete information about the owners, Term and conditions page, privacy policy page, supported payment options, physical address, proper contact details, defunct links, SSL encryption, and winner stories point out that the site you are betting online with is a scam and is illegal therefore no details to the site can be tracked.

It tiresome for law enforcement to track and penalize them with no details. It can track only IP addresses to determine where the site is operating from. 

In law enforcement, an IP address is a shared of corroboratory evidence; hence cannot be used to make an arrest or prove someone is guilty. The primary evidence is needed together with the corroboratory evidence.

Contrary to the illegal Matka Satta, there are legal alternatives. These include the Lotteries by the Indian Government, International lotteries, and Satta Matka online variants. 

Despite the difficulties with the gambling site, some sites are accredited and registered though they are foreign-based. It makes them safe for play, and they could be tracked down if a miss hup happens. You may find the Matka games not identical to the traditional lottery, but the payout is alike and similar.