Red Vs Black Game Is A Fun And Exciting Game To Play

Red Vs Black

Red Vs Black game is another exciting, fun and rewarding online game.

By hitting the play now button the player will see two colors of cards; it is the red color and black color of cards. The Red Vs Black sides deal three (3) cards respectively. The player has to predict between the red or the black colors of cards to win.

When playing this betting game it can also practice one’s strategic thinking capability. It is a game of chances but sometimes it is a game of understanding by following the flow of the game based on the trends of the result of the previous games.

Rules Of The Red Vs Black Game

Red Vs Black Game

The size of the cards determines the winner of the Red Vs Black Game. A-2 is the point size. When comparing same pairs, compare the size of the other single card first, then the pair’s number and color.

The player will be able to bet in the game with the amount of 10, 50, 100, 1000, 5000, 10000 or repeating the bet amount depending on the available player’s fund. If the player of the Red Vs Black game also bet on the Lucky Strike they can gain more money.

If the winning cards shows three of cards or triple meaning three cards are the same number the player can get x15 of the bet amount. Also if the winning cards shows straight flush meaning continuing three cards of the same suit, the player can get x8 of the bet amount.

If it is flush meaning three cards are the same suits the player can get x3. If it is straight or a cards with continuing three cards of different colors the player can get x2. In addition, if pairs of 9 to pair of A also shows in the winning cards the player can only get x1 of it.

How To Win Red Vs Black Game?

Red Vs Black Game

There are lots of guides and strategies you can read and search online on how to win the Red Vs Black game. If studied properly you can be shock because this kind of game is actually easy as eating candy but beware this kind of online game is for risk taker only.

High familiarity on this kind of online game gives you much advantage and can guarantee you to take away a sum of money. Can you imagine it? Your mobile phone serves not only for communication but also as a money device.

Because both the Red Vs Black cards have an equal chance of winning as a stake, you can start by placing a bet on either one to identify your strengths and weaknesses and the best way to explore the game.

Some players tracks the result of the previous games to identify whether the red or the black cards is winning clearly based on the current trends. Others says with thorough analysis of the trends they can actually win.

There are other players who bets based on the movements of the other players who won most of the time. With this kind of strategy they can make a play safe bet. However, not most of the time you can meet a good player in your field.

These suggestions although effective in some manners, it can still make you upset and frustrated. As said it is a game of chances so instead of playing only with basic knowledge about this online game it would be better if you take time for a bit and study it.

If you want to play and enjoy this Red Vs Black in the long run without losing money, proper management of your fund money is one of the best thing that you can do. You are not to play impulsively here if you don’t want to feel depressed when all of your money were all gone.

You can do it by simply placing a bet with a lower amount only while analyzing for your best strategy. With this you can have a good control over your bankroll.

Another thing using this idea, you may also steer clear of betting on ties. There are just a select few card combinations that have a chance of winning with a tie bet. This should serve as a warning not to accept the bets if you are unsure about them.

Moreover, in order to prevent you from losing lots of money play only the Red Vs Black game on platform is developed with good reputation and guarantees your rights are safeguarded.


The cards with the highest numbers and high authority of color and characters is the winner of this game. When it is played properly, the Red Vs Black game can be a fun and rewarding game to play on. 

Only if the player has a solid understanding of the game then this means a good outcome meaning more chances of taking away a sum of money.

Just always keep in mind that a player who employs tactics and strategies most of the time in this game is always one step closer to achieving the goal.

If you’re person who were born with lots of lucks in life then grab this opportunity to gain more and flex your ability. However, as a friendly reminder: always be mindful of your financial means and manage it properly!