How To Play Ludo Online? 7 Tips And Tricks Acclaimed by Pros

play ludo online

Many of us enjoy playing board games, and Ludo has been popular since the beginning of time. The game known as “Pachisi” was viral worldwide, and Ludo might be considered a simplified form of that game. Ludo is a game popular in many nations, particularly India and south Asia, and they have been playing it since they were children.

The game Ludo is hugely well-known, and its accessibility places it within reach of everyone. Because we have been playing Ludo since birth, all of us are familiar with how to Play Ludo Online and the appropriate movements to make at various points during the game. 

However, the updated version of Ludo that can be played online is entirely foreign to many of us. The game can be played with anywhere from two to four people. Consumers require assistance in discovering people in this day and age because they have a hectic schedule and need more time to sit in one location. People in this situation can Play Ludo Online while relaxing on the couch, in bed, or at home.

Tips and Tricks to Win Ludo Game Online

Ludo is a game of luck and skill in which you have no influence over throwing the dice but are free to move your pieces in any way you see fit. It requires both careful planning and a healthy dose of good fortune. If you Play Ludo Online, a few hints and strategies provided by experts can increase your chances of victory.

1. Open all Tokens, Leave Home Station

If a player stays on their home station or uses one token, there may be complications. No one can exert any influence on the dice to roll a 6. You need to crack open a ticket each time you obtain a 6. It will assist in returning home, wasting no time, and gaining an additional token without wasting any numbers on the dice. 

When all tokens are opened, the number of possible combinations of running several tokens simultaneously increases. If you find yourself locked at a single safe station, you can move the token from another position.

2. Never Race a Single Token

play ludo online

Most players must become proficient in using single tokens throughout their runs. If someone else eliminates that token, you will have to compete against another that may be destroyed by the person waiting for you at the safe station. 

Therefore, to extricate yourself from such a precarious circumstance, you must compete with all of your tokens and place them on secure bases to emerge as the victor in the killing.

If you have established yourself in multiple locations, you can eliminate everyone in front of you. You can be the game’s true hero if you Play Ludo Online this way.

3. Capture and Kill the Opponent's Token

Because you only have one button to utilize, when you Play Ludo Online, it might be challenging because you only have one chance to roll the die. Be wary of your opponents, and hold off attacking until they are vulnerable. You can give your opponent a six and start over from the home station by capturing and killing the token they use in the game.

This rule makes it very tempting to restart from the home station after you have been eliminated from the game. Every player makes an effort to be in a secure area. Within the game world, there are a total of 8 safe zones. To pass one token, a player must have six of them first, then start at their home station and achieve 55 points on the dice.

It is a significant victory for a player to eliminate an opponent’s token, resulting in the player gaining another turn. Whoever kills receives a reward, and they get another chance to roll the dice.

4. Block Opponent's Tokens

You must block your opponent’s token if you cannot destroy it. Blocking a token that belongs to an opponent to seize it is an exciting move. Those players who are interested in winning the game pay attention to each token that is placed on the board.

The secret to victory is maintaining a vigilant watch over all of the tokens currently on the board. You should take advantage of opportunities that come your way and should take an eye, roll the dice, and eliminate the competition at the first available opportunity.

5. Keep Your Tokens at Safe Station

There are eight secure locations on the board, one of which is your home station. If you bring your token to such spots, no one will be able to kill you, and you will not be able to kill other players’ tokens at safe locations.

If you have a low number, you should avoid moving a token close to the home triangle to prevent the other players from taking your token and preventing you from returning home safely.

To choose the optimal tactic at the appropriate moment, players must have distinct gameplay and thinking. It would be helpful if you raced the token, which is protected from other competitors and is located in a separate area.

6. Spread Tokens on the Board

play ludo online

If you want a strategic advantage over your opponents, you must concentrate on moving tokens about the board. It is possible to place one of your tokens in the home station of other players to eliminate one of their tokens anytime that player starts a race.

They can move freely when no one else is around if they strategically place tokens. You should never put two tokens in the exact safe location since your opponent could potentially kill you twice if he rolls the same required numbers on the dice and gets lucky.

The most effective tactic is to place tokens throughout the board in a way that blocks other players. It helps gain access to residences and neighbor opponents to eliminate their tokens. Never show pity for those who leave tokens for other competitors.

7. Before playing, be aware of all the Ludo rules

Before beginning to Play Ludo online, you are strongly advised to familiarize yourself with all the rules. If you want to win the game, you need to master the following skills: rolling the dice properly; determining when to capture; choosing when to block, and other regulations.

How to Play Ludo Online?

When you Play Ludo Online, it can be challenging because players must place wagers to progress. It is possible to earn real money, but you must follow established procedures and methods. When you start, it’s best to bet a low amount, but as your skills improve, you can gradually up the stakes. 

Playing games online takes skill to locate a legitimate source to win and receive payouts. I want to advise that you stop your search at Hobigames because on this website, you can Play Ludo Online and play it with real money, as well as a bonus for signing up.


Tricks and years of expertise are required to Play Ludo Online professionally. Those who apply the abovementioned strategies have a better chance of walking away with cash and other gaming opportunities. The more games you win, the more money you’ll take home. The game’s objective is for each player to get all four of their tokens to the home triangle without being eliminated. 

In a game played online, the winner is determined to be the player who can deliver all four tokens back to the dealer. Ludo is a game that is both alluring and interesting to play. Let’s Play Ludo Online together right now since it offers money making opportunities along with fun, entertainment, and enjoyment.

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