What Is Online Andar Bahar?

Online Andar Bahar

The Online Andar Bahar is a card game whereby you, as a player, bet on two different piles known as Andar and Bahar.

The card game is played between one or more players and a dealer who deals the cards to them.

One wins cash and other prizes online after observing the deal and putting a wager on Andar or Bahar. Andar means inside the box, and Bahar means outside the box.

Where To Play Online Andar Bahar?

The first app to be released for the game was the Online Andar Bahar app, and it’s available for download from Google’s online store. Hobigames is the best app where you can play Online Andar Bahar. 

Because it is a game you can play with other people, including friends and family, it has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times and uses up to 8.1 megabytes of space on your phone.

The game is played here for real money. You can cash it out when you win, but the money falls to the dealer if you lose. 

To use the app and play Online Andar Bahar, download and install the Hobigames app since it’s also available on Android phones. It is also known for its easy-to-use interface that players know.

It also has a gameplay that is easy for those new to the platform to understand how to go about the game. Hobigames app (with Teen Patti and Rummy) is an exclusive app for playing Online Andar Bahar. 

This app does not have unnecessary and interrupting pop-up ads as you play your game. It makes it user-friendly. Also, the odds and dealings are fair, and you have a chance to invite people to come to play with you.

The Online Andar Bahar developed by Hobigames is the oldest and most well-established app in the market. The best advantage of this app is that it offer a chance of winning money.

It guarantees you that it is certified and has a license to be operational.

Rules Of Playing Online Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar

The game’s primary objective is predicting whether the Andar box or the Bahar box will come out on top when playing Online Andar Bahar. 

After the deck has been shuffled, the dealer will either show the joker or the 1st card in hand. Afterwards, the players place their bets by trying to guess which of the three packages will include the joker or the 1st card.

You win if you either guess Andar Bahar or Andar Bahar’s location. Online Andar Bahar, much like Roulette, the lottery, and slot machines, is a game of chance rather than one that requires skill.

To correctly predict which pile a card you initially drew will end up in, all you need is a little bit of lady luck. The game can only be played by one person, who acts as the dealer and utilizes a conventional deck of cards consisting of fifty-two cards, each of which is assigned an average value.

The odds are 50/50, so the chances of winning are also fair. The Online Andar Bahar features are unique, and when playing the table, you get to see the left section is called Andar while the white is called Bahar. The 1st bets are in place when the dealer shows the joker.

If the Bahar box has a joker, Bahar wins and will have a 25 percent Andar Bahar contribution, and the Andar bets lose and vice versa. A second bet is called if none of the Andar or Bahar sides has a joker when the 1st card is drawn.

If the 1st card of the double chance on Bahar is a joker, then all second stakes on Bahar will have won and will get 25% of the bet. Ironically the 1st stake on Bahar will get even more.

Tips For Playing Online Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar

You are now familiar with the steps required to play Online Andar Bahar. It would be beneficial if you had some advice that ensured a win every time you played the game. 

First things first, select the appropriate software for you to use to play games online. The Hobigames app is an excellent option to go with.

This will make a difference in the gaming experience you have. Getting stuck signing up for apps that hang or do not configure in time is devastating. Choosing the right app will guarantee you will not get caught up with security issues, payment issues, and rigged games along the way.

Great reviews and a licensed app is trusted by players and will be the best. Secondly, Try out the free demo games if you are a beginner. Play a few rounds if you are a newbie and get the hands of the rules before handling the game with real money. You can find all of this in Hobigames app.

This helps you figure out the game and how it is played first-hand. In addition, be aware of the rules to guide you so that you gain insight and play responsibly before you sit to play the game.

Moreover, Managing your bankroll is also essential. This is because a player has only the role of placing a bet when the dealer has drawn out a card, so they may keep on betting without keeping an eye on the balance they have.

You might end up losing all the best and using all your money; therefore, one should know when it is time to quit. Lastly, you could use some side bets to help you understand whether the chances will win. The side bets still fetch great returns because they are only used to get an idea and are familiar with beets before the game starts.


Playing Online Andar Bahar is fun and interesting. It will get you some good money if you get lucky since it is a game of chance. 

Playing with the rules may also guarantee a chance of winning the money home. If you are a guru at guessing, then this is your game.

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