Online Andar Bahar Game Comparison About Other Games

Online Andar Bahar Game

Online Andar Bahar Game is a card game that attracts thousands of players and betting stakes. Some other casino games are really good and take root in people’s lives.

Their comparisons are needed to know about them and try our luck in other spaces if Online Andar Bahar Game doesn’t work out.

Other games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, are among the exciting games you can find online, not leaving the Dragon Tiger game.

What Makes Online Andar Bahar Game Different?

The information below compares many online games to the Online Andar Bahar Game.

Keep reading to understand what sets Online Andar Bahar apart from other games.

1. How To Play Online Andar Bahar Game?

Online Andar Bahar Game is played by a dealer and one player who has to decide between the Andar Box and the Bahar box. A player wins if the box he bet on has a joker or the first card that landed on it.

Roulette is played by deciding how many chips you want to use as a wager. Decide on this carefully. Place your chips on the bet you want to make afterwards.

Then, rotate the wheel. Since there is no time limit for playing online Roulette, press the ‘spin’ button whenever you feel ready. You will then release the ball to enter the simulated wheel. For results, the Random Number Generator, RNG for short, will generate the results after the ball lands in a pocket when the wheel stops.

Dragon Tiger is another online Casino game that is loved because of its simplicity. It is played by dividing the table into two categories: the Dragon vs Tiger sides. Two cards are drawn, and one card is given to each side. The side with the highest value card wins.

You, as a bettor, will bet on which side (Dragon/Tiger) will have the highest value card. In addition, you can also bet on a tie. Ace has the lowest value on the card, followed by 2, 3, and more. The King, on the other hand, has the highest value.

In addition, you can also make various side bets, like predicting if the card’s value in the Dragon/Tiger bet is more or less than a specific value. In case of a tie, both sides will have been deal with a card of the same value.

Teen Patti is also an exciting card game compared to Online Andar Bahar Game. All players play it involved putting the same stake into the cash pot. 

Each player has three cards, and each player must choose whether to call or raise the stakes. Since each bet is equal to all players, the pot will keep rising until the player with the best hand is revealed.

Hands are ranked easily since each card determines the numerical value at hand. It may seem much more complicated than the other games, but if you enjoy playing games strategically, this is the game for you.

2. Pros Of Online Andar Bahar Game And Other Games

Online Andar Bahar Game

Pros for Teen Patti include that beginners, fast gameplay can easily follow the game, and an element of bluffing is required to make the game enjoyable. Online Andar Bahar Game pros include that the game is unpredictable, so one shouldn’t fear rigging.

The game is easy to follow and has speedy gameplay that doesn’t waste your time. Moreover, Baccarat is more flexible; a huge range of it being live is there, and it has a lower house edge than other similar games.

The Roulette game, however, is also totally unpredictable, and many side bets make it fun and lots of fun ways for your chances to be structured.

However, Poker is a twist because the game requires both luck and strategy. The betting options are flexible and huge, making it an unbeatable live casino atmosphere. Blackjack, which is almost similar to Baccarat, has faster gameplay, is easy to follow, and has many online variants who want to play and win.  

3. Cons Of Online Andar Bahar Game And Other Games

Teen Patti takes all the fun away because it has no wager size flexibility and fewer ways to win though you can have more strategies to win than Poker. Online Andar Bahar Game cons are that some players who are used to more challenging games may find it much more manageable.

Not all casinos offer live Online Andar Bahar Game, which is disadvantageous because it poses a security threat, and rigging may occur. Blackjack, however, has a higher house edge than similar games, and its fast gameplay could mean a faster loss rate given to the player in question.

In addition, Baccarat has a disadvantage because of its ranking system, which can be hard to understand if you are an amateur. The cons with Poker is that it is difficult for beginners to learn quickly and catch up with it because there is a lot of competition from expert players.

Ironically, a disadvantage of Roulette is that no strategy is involved because it all depends on how lucky you are. Also, some roulette variants have a higher house edge than others.   

4. The RTP For Online Andar Bahar Game And Other Games

Online Andar Bahar Game Comparison About Other Games

The percentage return to the player is the money thought to be paid to the machine to play it and is then given back to the players as a prize. Gaming machines offer different prize amounts, whereby the Online Andar Bahar Game has an RTP of 97.85 percent.

Teen Patti has 96.63 percent, Baccarat has 8.76 percent, Blackjack has 99.29 percent, Poker has 98.10 percent, and Roulette has 97.3 percent.


The Online Andar Bahar Game has a lot of comparisons with other similar card games being offered online, which not only compete with it but also give the best user experiences depending on your level of playing the games.

You are more welcome to provide any of the games a shot. Card games are a great option if you want to make additional money while having a good time.

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