How To Master Ludo Game And Earn Money At Hobigames?

Master Ludo Game

Ludo is a dice game that you can play at Hobigames. You can play Ludo in either a multiplayer setting or against computer-controlled opponents. The player, who is the first to move all of his tokens into the home triangle, wins the game. Some hints and suggestions can make the game of Ludo easier to win. I will provide you with Ludo’s rules and an explanation of how to Master Ludo Game in this article.

Ludo Game

Ludo can be played by anywhere from two to four people at once. The ideal number of players is three. Every player receives a total of four tokens. The tokens are unique for each participant in the game. However, a player’s tokens will be the same color and pattern if that person wins.

The game can begin if one of the players rolls a six with one of their dice. The player will now bring his first token inside with him using this. The player must roll a six once more to bring in the second, third, and fourth tokens. For one-six, guests are only allowed to bring in a single token.

When the player successfully brings the token inside, they will begin mobbing it ahead. The player receives a four after they’ve already had a six. He then moves four boxes about on the board after bringing the token for the six into the game. Similarly, the player must push his tokens until they reach the center triangle. The winner of the game is the first person to get all their tokens into the center of the board.

Ludo Game Rules

Master Ludo Game

The player can either block or capture the opponent. If you are unfamiliar with Ludo and are curious about how to play and Master Ludo Game, you should first educate yourself on capturing and blocking. These two guidelines are crucial to the success of the game. These two maneuvers are responsible for the excitement and thrill that the game provides.


It is called “capturing” when one player places his token into the same box as another player’s token. Consider that player one is located at box number 20, and player two is located at box number 16. Now it is the turn of player 2. The second player received a four on his dice. He advances four spaces and seizes the token that belonged to player one and was located in box 20. Following this, the captured token, also known as the token belonging to player 1, will begin its journey anew. For Player 1 to bring this token inside, they need to roll a six on this dice.


A pair is created whenever two of your tokens are brought together in the same place. The other players are prevented from moving by a pair. It means that other players are unable to move around your couple. Let’s look at an example to understand better. Let’s assume that you already have a pair formed at box 20. 

Your rival is currently located in box 16. The dice he was rolling came up with a six. He can’t shift the token from box 16 to box 22. He is only able to move the token as far as box 19. However, in light of that, he ought to have rolled a three on his dice. However, he only has 6, and as a result, he is unable to relocate the token that is currently in box 16. 

The blocking approach is a beneficial strategy when your opponent has finished the voyage of three tokens. He is missing only one token at this time. On the other side, you have all four tokens in your possession. When this occurs, you can block your opponent’s one token. While he is unable to move, you work toward completing the game.

How to play The Ludo game?

If you want to Master Ludo Game, you should first know the basic gameplay. Getting a six on your dice is the first step in playing the game. The game’s objective is to bring each token to the center of the board. The game is over when one of the players accomplishes this goal.

Tips and tricks to Master Ludo Game
Master Ludo Game

Bring inside all of your coins and tokens

Bring the tokens inside whenever you get a six. It happens every time. Only when you have brought all of the tokens into the game should you use the sixes to move your tokens around the board. In the world of Ludo, this action is typically referred to as the “opening of tokens.”

Give equal importance to all tokens

It is not acceptable to repeatedly move a single token by itself. Give the same amount of weight to each of the tokens. Transfer both of them at the same time. Some players choose to play the game by concentrating on a single token and working toward pushing it to the center of the board. 

The next thing that they do is take the second token. They take the third token once the second token has been moved to the center of the board. You will not be victorious if you employ this method. Grab both of the tokens at the same time.

Take control and prevent

If you are interested in learning how to Master Ludo Game, the first thing you need to do becomes familiar with the strategies of capturing and blocking. When you catch and stop your opponents’ tokens, you slow down their game and make it more difficult for them to win. You are boosting your odds of winning as a result of this action.

Safeguard your tokens

The “star box” is a unique component of the Ludo board that can be used in several ways. When star boxes protect your tokens, the other players won’t be able to take them from you. As a result, the best approach to ensure the safety of your tokens is to store them in star boxes at all times.


Developing a strategy from the very beginning of the process is an essential thing to do if you want to Master Ludo Game. For example, you shouldn’t start moving the second token until after you’ve moved the first token by ten places before you start moving the second token.

After you have moved the first token 30 spaces and the second token 20 spaces, you can begin moving the third token.

Do not Slack

It is possible that you will not be successful in winning the game if you become disinterested in the middle of it. Occasionally, you might obtain the number you want to roll on the dice. On other occasions, the adversaries start capturing you one after another. You have a greater possibility of losing interest whenever something like this takes place because it lowers the likelihood of your winning. 

However, this is not the case in Ludo. At this very late stage, anything can still take place. Therefore, do not slack off while the game is going on. Continue to play with all of your energy till the very end.

Seven as a Rule

When learning how to Master Ludo Game for the first time, the rule of seven is a beneficial strategy. According to this regulation, you must always maintain a seven-place advantage over your rival. Because of this, there is a meager chance that your adversary will be able to capture you. Because a player’s dice can only ever total a maximum of six points at any given time, you should always maintain a seven-place lead over your opponent.

Token positions

Keep in mind where your tokens are at all times. Using this strategy will make capturing your opponents easier, and as time goes by you will also Master Ludo Game. To accomplish this goal, you must maintain a state of vigilance and engagement for the game’s entirety.

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