Ludo Online Mobile Game 5 Effective Techniques To Use

Ludo Online Mobile Game

Play the traditional game of kings and queens on your mobile device with Ludo Online Mobile Game. Due to its popularity, the game has received updates that allow it to be played on Android devices. It’s a multiplayer game for all platforms that the whole family can enjoy together.

It’s compatible with computers and mobile devices running iOS, Android, and tablets. It is functional even while not connected to the internet. The outcome of the Ludo Online Mobile Game is random and difficult to anticipate.

The smartphone version of the classic game Ludo Online is fun and exciting for the whole family to enjoy. As time has progressed, so have the rules of various games. People initially enjoyed it offline, but with the new updates, you can now play it in an online setting. A person’s odds of success can be increased by using certain strategies. Let’s look into some basic strategies for playing and winning.

How To Win A Ludo Online Mobile Game?

Ludo Online Mobile Game

Ludo Online Mobile Game is a game of tricks; if you want a better chance of winning, it pays to learn certain insider strategies. It also takes a lot of focus to comprehend the players’ feelings and playing techniques. Some advice is provided below.

Open Pieces Judiciously

As soon as you get the chance, start beating everything open. You may make more headway in the game if you narrow your focus to one or two specific aspects. Always think carefully about opening moves to make rapid and significant progress.

Don't Run A Single Piece

Most of the players make the mistake of running a single piece. Never make this mistake, and go ahead to make all pieces running. For instance, if you get 6 twice on dice and run only a single piece, it may not be good in the beginning and middle of the Ludo Online Mobile Game. You need to keep pieces in various locations. It will provide a grip on the game.

Killing Opponent

Locating pieces in various locations enhances the chances of killing opponents whenever they are in unsafe locations. When an opponent comes before, you can have the same number through dice, and you can kill an opponent, and for this, an extra turn is awarded to the killer.

Timings Of The Throw

For many Ludo Online Mobile Game players, the timing is just right, but this is a must-have feature for others. Take your time throwing the dice on the table if you’ve been rolling them quickly for a while. Many successful players find that playing 4–5 times quickly and slowly works best. If you want additional numbers, adjust when you toss the dice.

Decide Gameplay

There is the need to kill the opponent or go for victory. How will you be safe if your opponent has settled on various locations? If you intrude on his territory, he will kill you. Gameplay decisions are necessary for security and victory. Keep your wits about you and your Ludo Game win in mind at all times.

Master The Ludo Online Mobile Game Tricks To Win

Ludo Online Mobile Game
So, let’s go into some of the most significant Ludo Online Mobile Game methods you can apply in your next round. Those who have strictly adhered to these methods have won 90% of the time. Why not? I don’t think so. You need to commit to things and hone your skills to succeed.

Open All Pieces

As soon as possible, relocate all pieces from the home base to the surrounding bases. Your pieces could become trapped in front of your opponent, making it easy for them to kill you if you keep running them.

Maintain your roll and make an effort to expose all blocks. When your opponent has only one piece left, and you open all of your coins, you can move any other pieces instead. The best chance you have of winning the game is to run all of your pieces as much as possible.

Spread Coins On Board

There is one dice rolling and showing numbers from 1 to 6 in the Ludo Online Mobile Game. 2 to 4 players can play this game. Each person has to complete a circle for each piece to grab a win. Always try to spread coins to different locations on board to win soon.

If no one else is in the game, one can transfer coins freely by strategically placing them. When you move one square with two pieces in one location, your opponent will execute a killing move. Try to disperse the coinage as much as possible.

Be An Active Player

Attacker players always become thrillers for others. Keep mercy aside, and be a pro player by killing the opponent whenever you can. Before killing an opponent’s coin, you need to calculate the risk involved.

When you have a chance to be safe, you must kill the opponent. Otherwise, try to be safe if you have reached the third or fourth quadrant. The middle numbers like 2, 3, 4, and 5 have more chances of killing, while 1 and 6 have rare chances to kill.

Patience Is Key

Every game has a prerequisite of patience because none can win all the games. Try to locate your coins in safe locations on the home base of every player.

If your opponent is following, you must put a coin in a secure location and wait for him to go ahead and be killed. Patience is the key to success in Ludo Online Mobile Game because many players do not think about what piece to run, and hurriedly, they run and be killed.

Surround Your Opponent

Aim for the opposing team’s home base before they reach six players and begin running a coin. It aids in the final destruction of the enemy. Put coins on all of the bases to try to trap your opponent in the center.

To have the upper hand, it helps to have a strong hand over the competition. Follow the path of the piece you aim to kill with. If your opponent is seven runs ahead of you, you should almost always run a piece because the opponent needs six or more runs to kill, and its success rate drops.


The Ludo Online Mobile Game version is a lot of fun and an incredible way to spend time. It’s something to do in your spare time and adds a special touch to the passing of days.

You can download or play this game by using the Hobigames App. The bonus offer may pan out and net you some cash.

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