Tips To Follow To Win At Ludo Game

Ludo Game

Ludo Game is a traditional board game played in India that can accommodate anywhere from two to four players. Players take turns rolling dice to determine how quickly they can complete the game.

The game that the vast majority of people had played when they were younger. The game was enjoyable and captivating, even though they never participated in winning money.

Because, as adults, we play games to win a wager and take the money home with us. Although this game’s rules are simple enough, they put players in a situation where they are more likely to lose.

What Does The Ludo Game Involve?

The board for the Ludo Game

The four corners of the square Ludo Game board are colored red, yellow, green, and blue, respectively. Every player gets to select a color, and then they are given four tokens that match their choice of color to use in the game.

The board game known as Ludo Game is fashioned like a cross and is square. It features arms that are organized into three square columns, each of which contains six individual slots.

Five different colored squares make up the middle columns, and each square represents the player’s home column. A starting square is located here, which is colored differently for each player.

Then, in the center of the square board is a giant colored square made up of colored triangles of each player’s home column at the top of the player’s home columns. They also display arrows that lead in the direction of the conclusion.

The Rules Of The Ludo Game

Ludo Game

Without outside assistance from spectators or other interested parties, the Ludo Game can only have two, three, or four participants. At the beginning of the game, the starting square is prepared for play by laying out all four tokens belonging to each player.

The beginning square is located at the four players’ respective corners of their playing fields. The players will take turns racing around the board clockwise down the track. The column of a player does not correspond to the track. Every participant races against the other competitors to reach their finish square first.

When one of the players’ tokens reaches the square beneath their home column, the other players’ tokens are moved about by that player until they are all in the concluding square. The dice throws to determine the number of steps each player takes.

The remaining players can keep playing to determine whether any second, third, or fourth slots are available. The Ludo Game rules need to be followed precisely for the game to be enjoyable and for there to be a victor.

Instructions For Ludo Game

The first thing that happens is that each participant throws a die to see who has the highest roll and gets to start the game. The remaining players choose to be the second, third, or fourth participants. A player must first roll a die and accumulate six points before being able to move a token to the starting square.

When a player gets to roll a die and has a count of six, they can take one token out of their house. It happens every time a player rolls a die. Unless the house is completely vacant, number six counts as one of the other numbers, and the person can proceed.

The participants will shift their tokens up or down according to the value they roll on the die. If a player has one or more tokens that are not in their home squares, they should keep moving their chosen token ahead along the squares at the same rate as the value of the die that they have.

If you roll a die and play a token that goes to and occupies the space of another player’s token, you have the option of either capturing the token, which means the person cannot win the game or forcing the person to return the token to their home.

If you catch the token, the person cannot win the game. When “a block” consists of two tokens landing in the exact location during a player’s turn, the block is considered to have been constructed. It indicates that any player who moves and lands on the block will be captured or sent back to their home square, depending on the game’s rules.

The players are shielded from attack by their opponents in their home squares. But you can’t skip ahead; instead, you have to roll a die until you obtain a six on it before you can begin playing again.

The game is considered to be won by the successful player placing all four of their tokens within the triangles. The others can keep playing so that you can find successive positions. The game is more exciting to play, thanks to the squares and the regulations.

Strategy To Win Ludo Game

Ludo Game

Ludo Game is an excellent choice if you enjoy playing board games. Players have a better chance of winning when they are prepared with a few different plans.

The initial tactic is to remove all of the currency pieces from the board by taking turns removing each one from the home base in which they were placed.

Because of this, even if you have a low count on the dice, you will have a greater probability of moving around the board. Therefore, your primary focus should be immediately putting your cash to use.

In addition, spreading out your coins throughout the board provides you with an overview of what you need to complete to win the game, provided that there is no other player close to you.

By utilizing this strategy, you can prevent your rivals from gaining access to their homes and ultimately winning the game. In addition, another option is adopting an offensive approach known as ” the rule of the 7,” which can be a tactic you can employ to kill the coin your opponent is holding. 

Using this, you can launch an assault whenever there is a chance of opportunity for you to flee to a more safe distance.

Blocking your opponent is yet another method you could employ. Because of this, you will be able to confuse your opponent and cause them to be late getting into their homes because your people will get there first. 

Try to capture their pieces while maintaining a lead of seven moves over your rival to play it safe.

In conclusion, patience is essential. Understanding how your opponent is playing the game and placing your money in secure areas such as star-shaped zones are both important. All these things put you in a position to succeed, provided that you maintain a clear perception of the other people in the race.


When you roll a die, you need to have the highest value possible, six, to win a Ludo Game. If you’re lucky, you’ll win.

Even though the vast majority of games of Ludo Game are played not for money but for fun, the fact that there is a reward for the winner makes things more intriguing. 

Ludo Game is the better choice for you if you are a fan of playing with dice.