How To Play A Ludo Game Online? Guides And Tips 2023

Ludo Game Online

The online version of the classic board Ludo Game Online makes for a great icebreaker. It can include two to four players and is well-liked in India. As parchisi in some regions.

The popularity of internet gaming has led to the introduction of Ludo Game Online. Anybody who enjoys playing Ludo Game Online will find this quite interesting. Having established that, let’s move on to Ludo’s fundamentals, including how to play.

The Ludo Game Online Board Structure

The Ludo Game Online board is easy to put together. Since up to four people can play, the four colors stand in for the players. This design features a central cross with four outwardly extending arms. There are three full squares of thickness in each component.

White represents a home base, so all other squares are colored to show where the action takes place. Between the two arms is a square with a hole in the middle. In the circle’s centre is a device that looks like a button but has four holes.

This area might be considered a “base” for the team. A total of four movable pawns are assigned to each castle. At the point where the arms of the cross intersect, four triangles make a square. Each triangle in this diagram is a different color in the paint. Ludo Game Online boards typically feature blue, red, green, and yellow pieces. Ludo’s goal is to get your pawns into your home triangle.

How To Play Ludo Game Online?

Ludo Game Online

In Ludo Game Online, you and your opponents take turns rolling a die. Usually, the player with the highest value on their die roll will be the one to go first. After then, the rotation proceeds clockwise. A roll of 6 means a player is leaving the home base.

After that, the number of squares the pawn moves on each roll is determined randomly. To get to a color column, the pawn must go along the white area surrounding all the arms. The “home” column is this one. When a pawn reaches the home column, a successful die roll will allow it to advance to the home triangle. On a 6, the player may advance an already-in-play piece or one of the pawns from their home board.

However, the rules of Ludo Game Online make it so that no one has an easy time with it. Only when a six is rolled can a pawn move away from its home base. Or else the turn passes to the next player. 

As long as the player keeps rolling 1, the piece will stay put until the player rolls a 6. Each time a player rolls a 6, they get another chance. After three rounds of playing, the turn passes to the next player if the current player rolls a 6. Your worst nightmare is for your opponent’s piece to land on a square you now occupy as it makes its way around the board.

If this happens, it will return you to your starting point. This regulation significantly improves the Ludo Game Online experience. Any box that receives two pieces of the same hue is called blocked. It eliminates the possibility of your opponent’s piece landing on or adjacent to that square. However, pieces of the same color as the one blocking the square can move through. When all of a player’s pawns have entered the home triangle, the player is declared the winner. All players in a Ludo Game Online place a wager, with the pot going to the game’s victor.

Popular Strategies Of Ludo Game Online

Ludo Game Online

When you have the chance, it’s best to knock your opponent out cold. If your opponent is less than six squares ahead of you, you can force the pawn to return to home base by rolling a number that corresponds to the square on which your opponent’s piece now resides. One of the best parts of playing Ludo Game Online is that you may buy a new roll using chips, diamonds, or money.

As a result, you can re-roll the die if you’re unhappy with the result. When several of your pieces are still in play, it’s in your best interest to make a move that will allow you to checkmate your opponent, especially if they are currently in the first place—a better probability of winning when playing Ludo Game Online using this tactic.

You should always try to end up in the home column if you’re playing. That’s because no matter where else you go, your opponent will always be able to eliminate you from the game in the home column. One of your pieces is near to winning since it has landed on the home column—inspiring words, indeed, and a surefire way to boost your self-assurance. Many Ludo fans and professionals agree this is the best Ludo Game Online approach.

Be at least six steps ahead of your competition at all times. The key benefit of this tactic is that you can make up to six moves based on a single roll. Given how infrequently the number 6 appears, you can be assured that keeping your distance of at least six steps will keep you safe. If your opponent is within six steps of you, they may choose to utilize this opportunity and eliminate you from the game. When playing Ludo Game Online, nobody wants to meet this fate.

Holding back and giving your opponent plenty of room to attack is the best way to avoid getting hurt. Every opportunity you get, put some distance between you and your opponents.

If knowledge is power, you must know how to play Ludo Game Online and the best methods.

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