How To Play Dragon Tiger Game?

dragon tiger game

Are you familiar with dragon tiger game but don’t know how to play it? Don’t get caught up in the new trend. Learn India’s best dragon vs tiger game rules.

The best experience is when you’re playing the best Dragon Tiger game or having fun.

The best mobile gaming app in India in 2022, Hobigames, has contributed to the creation of this brief article. Here, we offer Dragon vs. Tiger guidelines and tactics.

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The Dragon Tiger Game: An Overview

Dragon Tiger Game is identical to online Baccarat India due to its simplicity and ease of learning and is probably one of the simplest online games to play at.

The game begins when you set a chip on the Dragon or the Tiger within the gaming time limit. Two cards are dealt to the table by the dealer, one on the side of the Dragon and one on the side of the Tiger. Just simply placing a chip on the Dragon or Tiger game is all that is required of the player.

  • The dealer is dealt two cards each round.
  • The player has to guess whether the Tiger or Dragon card will win by a larger margin.
  • If the player believes Dragon has a chance of succeeding, he will choose it.
  • If the player believes Tiger has a chance of succeeding, he will choose it.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The King card is the most valuable piece in the Dragon vs. Tiger game. Aces are low-value cards as well.
  • If a card has the exact value on both the Dragon vs Tiger sides, there is a tie.

How To Play Dragon Tiger Game?

When playing Dragon Tiger game online in India, various table setups are accessible. While some will use a logo or card to symbolize them, some will have a dragon and a tiger; and others may have the recipient’s name carved on a piece of virtual felt. But regardless of how the game appears, playing it is still simple. All of the Dragon Tiger game rules are listed below.

Dragon vs Tiger Rules

Online Dragon Tiger game has very straightforward rules. You won’t find a simpler card game than this one, and you can learn the fundamentals in only a few minutes.

The Dragon and the Tiger games are the two playing cards or tokens that are present. Think of this as a substitute for the player and the dealer, and you are the only one who can place chips on whatever option you choose. Simply place a chip on whether the dealer will deal the higher card, the Dragon, or the Tiger. 

The card values are as follows:

  • A is equivalent to 1 point.
  • The Card value differ from 2 to 10, and a 2 card is worth 2 points.
  • J is worth 11 points in total.
  • Q has a 12-point value.
  • K has a 13-point value.

Rules To Know

  • You have a choice between two options in the gameplay Dragon Tiger. Either the Dragon set, or the Tiger set is an option for predicting.
  • A shoe containing six to eight pre-shuffled decks of cards is used to draw the cards.
  • The king has the highest value in Dragon Tiger game, while the ace has the lowest. The cards are ranked from ace through 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K.
  • After each player has to place their prediction with the option of their choice, the dealer draws one card and deals it to the Dragon Tiger game boxes on the table, in that order.
  • You win if your preferred box contains a card with a higher value than the other set. If not, the game is over. For instance, the players who choose Tiger will win if the Tiger box card is a J and the Dragon box card is a 4.
  • Only the dealer is the opponent in this game, and each participant at the table has their own set of Tiger, Dragon, and Tie boxes.
  • Additionally, you can place your prediction on a tie, which signals that you believe both cards chosen will have the same value.
  • In the event of a tie, you are paid out 10 times the value of the tie prediction in addition to receiving 50% of your initial chance returned.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy

Dragon vs Tiger game hints will increase your enjoyment of online gaming. Let us go on to the details without further ado.
Dragon Tiger game doesn’t have many complex strategies because it is a straightforward game.

This can be pretty relaxing for gamers because you don’t have to overthink things while playing. But it would be best to keep a few things in mind to play well. Below, we will go through the most popular winning tactics for the Dragon Tiger game.

The online Dragon vs Tiger game is purely a game of fortune. When playing this dragon tiger game, you have a 50:50 chance of succeeding every round. That is why we’re here for you to discuss the tricks of this game that will help you select the right one and experience victory.

Maintaining Simplicity

When you play on Dragon or Tiger, the house advantage is the smallest. Big or small, they are comparable games; however, any seven puts an end to your action about the tie.

No Ties Are Actually Allowed!

Never trust a tie; we must emphasize this! It is tempting to occasionally spice up the game by putting a few chips on Tie and hoping for the best because of the possibility of winning up to 11 times your stake. 

The house advantage is shockingly high, at 32.77 percent, though. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the venue every time you predict on the Tie in Dragon Tiger game, even if you might strike it lucky.

dragon tiger game

Start Card Counting​

Card counting is a game strategy that can be used in best Dragon Tiger game, just like while playing live blackjack. It would be best if you started by counting the number of cards that are 8 or higher so that you can decide whether to predict on Big or Small. 

Alternately, you might count the number of 7s that have been drawn from the deck to determine whether you should altogether avoid placing Big or Small chips.

Suit-Based Strategy

How many suits are still in the deck can be determined by rationally calculating the number of suits dealt up to that point. It raises the likelihood of your success.

A second technique to increase your odds of winning is to use a suit-based strategy—note which suits are dealt with the most frequently. Make sure you are aware of the number of suits present in the deck. The number of deck cards that have been used can also be kept track of.

Many people advise counting cards when playing Dragon Tiger game. The staking community does not approve of this method, but if you are an expert at it, go ahead and do it.

As was previously said, the best dragon tiger game relies entirely on a chance to win. The staking system might not be ideal because it is not a skill-based game.

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