Highest Sequence in 3 Patti: Six Excellent Rankings to Follow

Highest Sequence in 3 Patti

What significance do the various 3 Patti scenes have? Which sequence is the winner? How can you achieve the highest sequence in 3 Patti? In this post, you’ll learn the answers to these queries.

The well-known card 3 Patti game has its roots in India. It is a simple substitute for three-card poker and is also known as “flash.” This post will teach you six fundamental 3 Patti sequences, key techniques for creating the highest sequence, and how to determine which sequence will win in the event of a tie.

The Highest Sequence In 3 Patti

Three cards are arranged in the 3 Patti sequence. For instance, if you draw three cards with the same value but from different sets, you have the highest hand. 3As will be ranked first in this hand ranking, then 3Ks, 3Qs, 3Js, and so forth. Based on the card’s worth, this is. But what are cards in 3 Patti worth?

A 2 is the lowest-value card. From lowest to highest, the cards are ranked as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Ace (A) can be either the highest or lowest card in a hand.

Depending on the situation or a certain 3 Patti game regulation, Ace may be high or low. Aces can occasionally be used as both high and low cards.

The six 3 Patti Sequences and their likelihood of occurring are listed below:

Trio Or Trail

  • Pure sequence 
  • Straight color pair
  • Flush sequence
  • Low card

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The Trio, Set, Or Trail

The highest-paying hand in the game is a “set,” which occurs when a player draws three cards of the same kind or value. The leading trail is a trio of aces. The next highest set will consist of three Ks, three Qs, and so forth until three 2s.

Purely Sequential Or Flushing Directly

Three cards in a row of the same suit make up a pure sequence. 5, 6, and 7 of Diamonds, for instance. A, K, and Q of any suit is the finest pure sequence you can obtain in the game, whereas 2, 3, and 4 are the worst. 

As long as all three cards are of the same suit, the suit type has no bearing on this situation. The hands rank by suit if two players receive a pure sequence with identical card values. Depending on the several 3 Patti versions, certain suits maintain the highest rating. The top rank is A-K-Q, followed by A-2-3, K-Q-J, and so on down to 4-3-2.

Straight Or In Sequence

While it is comparable to pure sequence, the player need not wear the same suit. A sequence is created when the cards are dealt consecutively. A Jack of Spades, a Queen of Hearts, and a Kind of Diamonds are a few examples. 

If two players receive a series of identical cards, in some forms the hands rank according to suit or the pot money is divided evenly. The highest rank is A-K-Q, followed by 4-3-2 and then A-2-3, K-Q-J, and so forth.


When a player has a hand of cards from the same suit, but not necessarily in any particular order, it is also known as a flush and happens. 2, 7, 10, for instance, in clubs. The hands rank by suit if two players have the same card values.


A pair is made up of two players who each have one card in hand and two cards of the same rank. If a player possesses two Queens in any suit, for instance. The highest-ranked pair is two aces, while the lowest-valued pair is a pair of twos. A-A-K, A-A-Q, A-A-J, A-A-10, and so forth through 2-2-3 are the highest ranks.

Low Card

The worth of the highest-ranking card is compared among the players when the three cards are not in a sequence, pair, or the same suit. The worst hand you can get is this one, so you should always pack. The ace is considered the best card.

Advice For Creating The Highest Sequence In 3 Patti

Highest Sequence in 3 Patti

Contrary to popular opinion, playing 3 Patti takes talent. Having multiple methods would be beneficial if you wanted to defeat other players and win the game. The five most effective ways to win in 3 Patti have been listed below.

Start Off Modestly

Starting modest, you should gradually increase your stakes. You can play more hands and stretch your money resources with the aid of this tactic. Both amateur and expert players can win with this approach because the more hands you play, the better your chances of doing so.

Blind Game

Playing Blind makes 3 Patti more entertaining. When you place a wager without seeing your cards, that is when. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should play blindly in accordance with your bankroll. The stakes are raised for all players when players play blindly. It’s simpler for others to read players when they express their emotions openly when the stakes are high. If the game restrictions are minimal or if each player starts with small wagers, playing blindly doesn’t significantly deplete your cash resources.

There are no “bad cards,” as the saying goes.

Nothing in this game is as awful as lousy cards. You can wager and make predictions about your opponents’ cards in this thrilling game. Typically, players act impulsively, packing up or immediately boosting the stakes. You’ll discover that players pack their cards even if they may have had a better hand than you as you continue to play. In these circumstances, even with low-value cards, you can win the game.

Continue Training

It’s not all luck in 3 Patti, though. It would help if you used your abilities and self-assurance to outperform other gamers. With practice, these qualities emerge. Therefore, you will become better at this game the more you practice.

Keep your emotions in check and avoid acting in a routine way.

3 Patti’s display of emotions distorts her ability to think clearly, leading to regrettable choices. Because they are afraid of losing, players will occasionally keep escalating their wagers with weak cards or pack too soon. 

Therefore, it is better to keep your emotions in check and use logic when making each step. Your odds of winning in this game are also impacted by being predictable. Competitors pick up on key patterns you use to play the game rapidly. Therefore, learning to be enigmatic would be helpful if you wanted to get the most out of each game.

Tiebreaker: 3 Patti sequence

Highest Sequence in 3 Patti

In 3 Patti, it is possible for two players to use the same sequence. You must take the worth of the cards into account in this situation. The highest-value card is the ace, followed by the king, queen, and so forth. Whoever has the highest value sequence ultimately prevails.

For Instance, K, Q, And J Versus 10, 9, 8

Although each player has a sequence, the player whose sequence starts with K has a higher-ranked sequence and prevails.

FAQs For The 3 Patti Sequence

If both players have three cards of the same suit, how are the winners determined?

If both players have flushes, their cards’ ranks or values are compared. The winner is selected by suit, with spades scoring most if both players have the same card values.

Can I Use A Joker In 3 Patti?

Yes. With a joker, you can play 3 Patti. You can play with a joker in two different categories of 3 Patti games: auction and joker hunt. Ten 3 Patti iterations are shown here for 2022.

How Do You Use 3 Patti?

Building the best hand possible is the game’s goal. You must draw cards, make opening wagers, and assemble a strong card, just as in poker. Learn how to play 3 Patti in just 6 simple steps by reading this post!

Which Pair In 3 Patti Is Thought To Be The Worst?

In 3 Patti, a pair of 2s is regarded as having the lowest value.

What does “best-of-four” imply in 3 Patti?

Each player receives four cards, from which they must make the best three-card hand by removing the fourth card.

What is the likelihood of having a straight three-Ace sequence?

A pure sequence of three aces is extremely unlikely to occur; the probability is 0.009%.