5 Ultimate Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques For Newbies

Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques

The Dragon Vs Tiger game relies heavily on one’s luck. Nevertheless, you can improve the likelihood of victory by employing specific Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques. In this piece, I will discuss the most effective Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques that can be used to win the Dragon Vs Tiger game.

The Gameplay

The game is reminiscent of Andar Bahar, a well-known card game in India. Instead of placing their wagers in the Andar and Bahar boxes, players in this game choose whether to wager on the Dragon or the Tiger while placing their bets. 

Let’s get started and observe how this game is played. The Dragon Vs Tiger is a game played using playing cards. The players need to have their wagers in before the game starts. The participants must decide whether to wager on the Dragon or the Tiger and place their bets accordingly. After the stakes have been put, the dealer will begin to deal cards to the Dragon and the Tiger. Both the Dragon box and the Tiger box receive one card each. The Dragon box also receives one card. Whoever has the more practical side at the end of the game wins.

You must understand how the game is played to learn the Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques. Therefore, to better grasp how the game is played, let’s look at an example. Let’s say player 1 decides to place his wager on the Dragon. The bet that Player 2 places are on the Tiger side. The dealer will now begin placing the cards in the appropriate spots. 

Let’s say the dealer put ten hearts on the side with the Tiger and five spades on the side with the Dragon. As a result of the Tiger side card having a higher value, the Tiger side is the victor. That makes player two the winner.

Dragon Vs Tiger Rules

Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques

The rules of the Dragon Vs Tiger game are simple. They are as follows:

  • You compete against the dealer while playing the Dragon vs. Tiger game.
  • There is no way for one player to compete against another player in this game.
  • There is the option to gamble on a tie during the game. When a player wagers on a tie, they predict that either the Tiger or the Dragon side card will have the same value. For instance, the card on the Dragon side is a five of spades, and the card on the Tiger side is a five of hearts. In this game, each card has the same point value. As a result, there is no winner. Whoever wagered on a draw will come out on top in this case. In this scenario, neither the player who bet on the Tiger side nor the person who gambled on the Dragon side will emerge victorious in the competition.

Dragon vs Tiger Winning Techniques

It is a straightforward game. The guidelines for how to play are simple. However, the player must attempt to raise the likelihood of winning. Learning some fundamental Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques is essential for the player to be successful. Five distinct approaches can be used to improve one’s odds of winning. Let us take a look at each of them in turn.

Keeping score using cards

Using this example of the Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques requires you to count all the cards. Let’s say there is only one deck in use by the dealer. Each deck of cards contains four unique suits. There are 13 cards in each suit. Consequently, a deck includes a total of 52 playing cards. Now when you are going to count cards, you need to keep awake.

How do you perform card counting? Each card has a value that is associated with it. For instance, cards with a value between two and six each have one value. No value is assigned to the cards that fall between seven and nine. The value of the cards ten, jack, queen, and the king, is one less than their face value. 

Therefore, if you get a card with a value between 2 and 6, you must add one. When you acquire cards between ten and king, you remove one. You can maintain track of the cards being dealt in this manner. You make a series of bets in succession based on the count.

The Strategy based on suit

Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques

One of the most effective Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques is to play based on your suit. It would help if you placed your bets on a different suit later in the game. Consider the following scenario: in round 3, you choose to place your bets on clover. 

You ought to put your money into the diamond in the fourth round. It will help if you spread your bets among various suits in the next game. You ought to continue wagering on a variety of multiple suits. Keeping a close eye on the action during play will help you perfect the execution of this technique and improve your odds of victory. 

Check the suit that has the highest number of consecutive wins. If, for example, clover proves to be successful at a high rate, you should concentrate your bets on clover-based cards.

You can proceed similarly if you base your plan on statistics as well. Pay attention to the statistics rather than the suits. Check to see which number of winners comes up most often. It would help if you wagered quite a bit of money on that number.

Remember! It would help if you didn’t keep betting on the same suit because the odds are against you. For instance, if you have noticed that cover is winning, you should bet on clover rather than cover. Do not place anything solely on clover. Increase the number of times that bets are placed on clover. It would help if you also tried on the other suits.

The technique is known as the Martingale

When you are losing consistently, you should use the martingale technique, in which you increase your bets. You lost the game despite placing X bets on the Tiger side. It would help if you set double your bets in the second round. If you continue to lose, you should bet three times as much in the third round. In the same manner, increase the amount that is wagered. 

If you follow this technique, you will have a lot of success. Let’s say you won the seventh round after losing the previous six. You would have placed 7X bets during the seventh round of the game. It means that the amount of your prize money has significantly increased. You would have recouped every penny that you had dropped.

Anti-Martingale strategy

The martingale strategy can be thought of as the antithesis of this one. When you are having a run of consecutive victories, you should adopt this method. In this game, you lower the amount of your stake after each round. The technique will assist you in maintaining emotional control and preserving the reward money you have won up to this point. 

A streak of consecutive wins causes you to feel excited and make riskier bets. When things are thus out of your control, you stand to lose a lot. The anti-martingale strategy ensures that the players do not get out of hand.

The Martingale strategy and its opposite, the anti-Martingale strategy, are the two most essential Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Techniques.

Stay away from repeating patterns

Imagine that you were successful by betting on the Tiger’s side. If you continue to gamble on the Tiger, you will continue to have successful outcomes. It does not imply that you will have good luck or that the Tiger side is the side that will prevail. It would help if you didn’t continue to behave in this manner. 

Keep switching between the two sides. A random pattern should be followed. There is an equal likelihood of victory for the Tiger or the Dragon. Therefore, you should avoid repeating patterns.

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