Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy: Easiest Way To Win

Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy

The Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy is not brand-new. Hobigames have excellent versions of it. For a detailed game review and strategy, keep reading. 

The Dragon Tiger is extremely similar to Baccarat if you’ve ever played it at a live casino. Since it first appeared in live casinos, baccarat has gained popularity and is a player favorite everywhere. An Asian version of the game was afterward released in response to that success.

What Is The Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy?

Within the betting window, place your wager on the qualities you anticipate the cards will have.

A face-down card for Tiger and a face-up card for Dragon are drawn by the live dealer at the beginning of the round.

The cards are then dealt face-up by the dealer, revealing the results of each card.

Re-bet after collecting any profits.

Continue reading to learn about additional wagering possibilities in addition to the classic Dragon vs Tiger game wager.

Game Rules For Dragon Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy

Dragon vs Tiger and Andar Bahar, another well-liked card game in India, are comparable to Baccarat. There will be a variety of betting options available to you on the screen. The bet is subsequently placed on the field you’ve chosen. 

Look at the betting overlay for percentages of each betting option to see what players are betting on. Wait for the betting timer to expire so that the round can begin when you have completed making your bets. When this occurs, all bets are considered final.

The dealer draws three cards to begin the round. The first card will be thrown away and placed in a pile for burning. The Dragon and Tiger positions are represented by the second and third cards, respectively. 

You won’t immediately know the outcome of the game round because all of the cards are dealt face-down. The dealer will now turn the cards face-up so you can examine the results of the drawn cards.

The winning side will be determined by the stronger card. The card’s numerical value determines how powerful the card is. Ace is worth one point, King, Queen, and Jack are worth 13, 12, and 11 points, respectively. The value of 10 to 2 is their own numerical value. The game round ends in a tie if the values of both cards are the same.

Side Bets

Dragon vs Tiger offers a wide variety of side bets, including Big, Small, Odd, Even, Color, and Suits. In addition, every side bet pays 1:1, save for Suits, which pays 3:1. However, you should be aware that side bets are disabled after 50 rounds and then reopened when the deck is shuffled. If not, the odds drop on other providers to keep the house advantage. This is because online casinos and game developers want to avoid providing card counters an advantage. Sevens are not included in side bets.

Bet on the card value falling between A-6 (small) to 8-K in the Big and Small game (big).

Decide whether the card value is odd or even by placing a bet.

Colors: Will the card be red or the back?

Bet on the card’s suit to determine the outcome of the hand. You can thus make a suit wager on the Tiger side of the board and a suit wager on the Dragon side.

Payout Chart

The Live Dragon Tiger payout table is simple, and the RTP is 96.27%.

– Main Dragon Tiger wager returns 1:1

– Tie Bet 11:1

– Suited Tie Bet 50:1

– Most Side Bets: 1

– Suits 3:1

Various Live Dragon vs Tigers

Every game supplier has a unique live casino game. Variations vary from one another based on the various side bets that are available and, in certain circumstances, payouts. Let’s examine each game developer:

Standard payouts and the majority of side bets are available in Hobigames. On Pragmatic, there are no suit bets available, and side bets are only permitted for the first 50 rounds on a fresh shoe.

There are standard payments at Hobigames. No side wagers are offered.

Ezugi – There are standard payments. However, no side bets or suited tie bets were offered.

Regular bets and side bets are both available at Hobigames.

All betting possibilities are available through Hobigames.

In most games, the odds vary when the deck of cards in the shoe runs out. As a result, the casino keeps its advantage throughout the game rounds. So, when placing your bets, be sure to keep this in mind.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Strategy For Betting

Dragon vs Tiger

There are a few things you may keep in mind when playing Live Dragon vs Tiger in terms of strategy to improve your chances. There is a roughly 50/50 probability that the base wager will win.

Base Bets Only: Tiger Or Dragon

Only placing bets on Dragon or Tiger is an excellent approach to improve your odds. This is due to the fact that you always have a 50/50 probability of winning. Even though tie bets have bigger payoffs, they are riskier and require more luck to win.

Avoid Placing A Bet On A Tie.

There is a good reason why tie bets offer a significant payoff. The payout on common tie bets is 11:1. Suitably tied wagers, however, the payout is 50:1. Your chances of winning a tie or even a suited tie are extremely slim, regardless of whether you placed 11 or 50 consecutive straight tie bets.

Tally The Cards

A fantastic illustration of how you can gain a tiny advantage in card counting is Dragon vs Tiger. This is so that it’s simple to keep track of the few cards that are dealt. Keep an eye out for 7 because it will always result in a loss, whatever of your wager.

Hazard On Suits Likelihood

Count the suits and wager based on the likelihood of how many of each suit are still in play. Although this tactic is only applied later in the game and not when the decks have just been shuffled.

View From Live Casino India

You’ll discover that Live Dragon Tiger is a simple game. Additionally, it is simple to understand how to play, and the added excitement of the side bets makes it rather enjoyable. For you to become more engaged in the game, live casino dealers serve up the game in a lovely custom studio. We advise you to give the game a go; it’s simple to understand and straightforward to win. So, Dragon or Tiger are you?