Important and Useful Strategy for Crazy Time Result and RTP

Crazy Time Game

Find the Crazy Time result, winning tactics, and return to the player in this post. For the new live casino game, explore the Crazy Time minigames.

As for Crazy Time

Crazy Time has been available for more than a year. We play this game so frequently—we enjoy it! It’s always so much fun, whether for a short session or a few quick spins.

This game is a little example of Evolution Gaming’s inventiveness and innovation. Each minigame offers a different experience and is diversified. The chat moderators are also excellent and engage with the audience a lot.

Crazy Time Result Gameplay

As soon as you begin playing Crazy Time result, you are shown a vibrant game board with a huge wheel in the center. After the participants have put in their wagers, the game’s host spins the wheel. 

The following bet multipliers are available in 54 sections: 1, 2, 5, and 10. Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time are the other four mini-games that can show up on the wheel one or more times.

There is a betting area with several boxes underneath the wheel. You can wager on a Coin Flip in Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. You can bet on the multipliers and minigames/bonuses.

Here is an illustration of how a Crazy Time game is played. Players have a constrained window of time in which to place their wagers. Each time a wager is placed using a slot machine positioned above the wheel, a random multiplier (between x2 and x50) is added to one of the bet multipliers or mini-games on the wheel. The host of the game also spins the wheel. 

If the wheel stops on one, your money is returned to you and doubled by the bet multiplier. When it reaches one, the minigame begins.

The Crazy Time Minigames

We discussed it after the previous paragraph. Let’s explore the minigames in Crazy Time together.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip, which you can play four times on the wheel, is the least effective of the four Crazy Time bonus games. It’s a coin toss between the two bet multipliers (represented by the colours red and blue).

In this minigame, the multiplier range for your bet is 2 to 100. If the multiplier wheel lands on the coin flip, it can be multiplied even further. 

A coin is flipped by a machine when the host hits a button. You are given the multiplier corresponding to the colour of the coin’s face-up side.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt is a fantastic minigame you can find twice on the Crazy Time wheel. There are 108 bet multipliers concealed behind symbols like cacti, gifts, targets, sheriff’s stars, rabbits, and a jester’s hat on a huge wall you are facing. The choice of the symbol is up to you or the game. The multipliers hidden behind the characters are revealed once the allotted time has passed.


Similar to the Cash Hunt bonus, this bonus also appears twice on the wheel. Pachinko is the auxiliary game at the wheel. The bottom of a vertical purple wall has 16 boxes.

In addition to random multipliers, if you’re lucky, there might be one or more “double” symbols. The host launches the puck up the steps, where it lands on a wall. It hits one of the boxes after bouncing off the spurs. 

You can maintain the bet multiplier that comes with it. If there is a double, all multipliers are doubled, and the puck is dropped again.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the top bonus in this same video game. You’ll notice that it only shows on the wheel once. When this bonus starts, the game’s host directs you through the stage’s red door on the right side.

There is a stunning planet with a gigantic wheel at its center, fit for the biggest amusement parks. 

In contrast, the host is like an ant! You must choose one of the three colours from the top of the wheel. The double and triple symbols are in addition to the bet multipliers on the wheel.

Why Do Players Check Past Crazy Time Result?

Crazy Time

A common belief among gamblers and gamers is that if a given event hasn’t happened recently, it will result in the near future. Or the likelihood of the event happening exceeds that of a recent outcome.

For instance, you might be worried that someone might believe that a bonus round is “due” if the Crazy Time bonus rounds are meant to appear once every six games but haven’t in 15 spins.

This fallacy is known as the Fallacy of the Mature of Chance or the Gambler’s Fallacy.

No matter the game, it is the basis of every outcome tracker. They are designed to make betting on outcomes more likely to occur, given the past, more convenient for the player.

The money wheel needs to keep track of previous results. Each fresh spin will have a unique result that is unrelated to any other.

Although the results will eventually balance out due to the law of huge numbers, it is wrong to assume that any adjustment is expected to happen on one of the subsequent spins. 

There will be two consecutive activations of the Crazy Time bonus round, so it might as well be 150 spins from now.

Math, statistics, and probability are all useful. However, problems occur when the wrong conclusion is drawn.

How Do Tracked Results In History Appear?

The Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time bonus rounds haven’t been activated recently, as you can see in the screenshot above (which was taken from tracksino.com). Coin Flip was the only bonus among them that had recently been triggered.

Many players would understand this to suggest that it is now appropriate to place a wager because bonus rounds are projected to be triggered every sixth spin. It would appear that Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time are more likely to be the next bonus round than Coin Flip.

That is untrue. The four bonus matches will have exactly that chance of being triggered on the following spin for that issue:

These options are unaffected by previous spin results or the interval since the last Crazy Time result.

The odds are the same for spins made just after the Crazy Time game produced a win and spins made after the Crazy Time game had not produced a win in the previous 1000 spins.

What Advantages Make Stats Trackers Offer?

Crazy Time stat trackers have a purpose that gamers can utilize. Looking at previous outcomes, you may experience how the game plays. They usually concur with the game statistics over the long term, although they could soon diverge.

To help you understand what to expect while playing Crazy Time, the screenshot above displays the average victory of each of the four bonus rounds.

Coin Flip pays the least and is the most frequently triggered bonus round, while Crazy Time is the most lucrative bonus round and is triggered the least often. Cash Hunt and Pachinko should be comparable.

Although all of this information is valuable, avoid using it to predict the outcome of the upcoming spin.

Crazy Time Result Trackers

The data below is displayed in some or all of the many Crazy Time statistic trackers that are accessible.

Sources of data:

  • Spinning the past
  • Top multipliers right now
  • Best triumphs
  • How many consecutive spins have been made without producing a result?
  • How many times in the previous 24 hours did the result occur?
  • Comparison of theoretical and actual occurrence frequencies
  • A list of every bonus round win’s previous results
  • The standard award for each bonus game.
  • The Most Important Victories in History

This knowledge is helpful if you’re interested in learning how Crazy Time functions. Your gambling could suffer as a result.

Consider the scenario when you use statistics to predict the next spin. There is no such thing as a “due” result.

Top Strategies In A Crazy Time

Crazy Time Result

Like every other casino game, Crazy Time is a game of chance. Remember that Crazy Time is largely a game of chance, even though this article offers tips on how to play it. 

Using the tips in this article may help you play more strategically. No strategy can always guarantee success.

When playing this game, you can employ the three Crazy Time strategies listed below:

Low-Volatility Approach

The “10-5-2-1 method,” which covers 83.33% of the wheel, is low risk.

Your goal is to extend your session as much as possible while limiting your losses. For example, many gamers use it while putting in a wager. The process is as follows.

You place a wager on the four bonuses in addition to the 10, 5, 2, and 4 numbers. For each box to pay you when a number is called, try to divide your bets among them evenly. 

Here is an example of a wager spread. In this instance, the total bet is 9.80 euros. Use this approach and double up once or twice if you wish to make a bigger bet.

Strategy For Moderate Volatility

The “Bonus Hunter method,” which covers 16.66% of the wheel, is high risk.
Compared to the preceding strategy, more risk-taking is intended here. Here’s what we suggest you do to make this happen. 

You can bet on the minigames in addition to the number 2. Why two instead of five or ten? Due to the 2, it is statistically more likely to tumble because it occurs on the wheel much more frequently.

High-Volatility Approach

Extremely Dangerous: “Crazy Time Strategy,” which only covers 1.85% of the wheel
If you are familiar with the first two strategies, you probably know what to expect from this one as well. This risky strategy aims to bet on luck and anticipate a quick profit. 

Here, the objective is to gamble continually just on the mini-games. You will be rewarded if a minigame quickly arrives and gets a favourable multiplier.

Remember to change your bet to match your current balance to make sure that your session lasts as long as feasible. Using high volatility when your balance is low would be far too risky. Anything could disappear in the blink of an eye.

The Crazy Time Result's RTP

The Crazy Time RTP is 95.41% when the time duration is infinite but is affected by your bets, the bonus games triggered, and whether or not they trigger with multipliers.

The typical Return To Player (RTP) percentage for every Crazy Time wheel segment is:

The Probabilities of Crazy Time

You can prepare for the possibility that one of the eight eligible regions will be hit each time the wheel is spun by understanding the Crazy Time odds.

Gambling in a Responsible Manner

Gambling can be fun when done properly, but anyone who plays against the house will ultimately lose. This rule only holds when you succeed by mistake. Gambling doesn’t produce income. 

Because you’ll constantly be playing against the odds and giving the casino a statistical advantage, there are only so many strategies or methodologies that can make you a profitable gambler. Please be careful when playing.

We strongly advise against trying any method, especially the Martingale, Fibonacci, or other types of betting approaches. Crazy Time and other casino games do not count.

When applying the Crazy Time Live strategies on this page, the level of risk you’re ready to accept will significantly affect your player balance and how long it lasts.

Aim to complete

It’s crucial to note that you can still improve your Crazy Time experience. For instance, as we already mentioned, you can use live casino bonuses.

It would also be excellent to always appreciate the value of live casino money management. It’s crucial to manage your money wisely when playing any online game.

Do not forget to find the best Crazy Time casino for the game. To locate the best casino in India, visit our website.