The Best Ludo Game Online 2023: Be An Expert At Hobigames

Best Ludo Game Online

The Best Ludo Game Online is a family-friendly board game that can accommodate two to four players. One wins if they are the first player to move all their game pieces from the starting space to the home area on the board. The starting place is represented by the word “start.”

How To Play The Best Ludo Game Online?

First Play of the Match

  • Each player in Ludo Paytm receives four pawns of the color they have been given as their random color assignment.
  • The player responsible for the Blue-colored pawns will get the opportunity to roll the dice first.
  • If the player in Paytm Ludo Game has blue pawns in your collection, you will get the opportunity to roll the cuboid and move your pawn first.
  • The order in which players perform their turns proceeds clockwise, starting with the blue pawns.

Rotating The Pawns Throughout The Board

  • You must keep rolling the dice at the start of each turn and move your pawns.
  • If a player rolls a six on the cuboid, they must move a piece before proceeding with it again.
  • Kill a Pawn: If your pawn captures an opponent’s pawn, it will return the opponent’s pawn to its original place in the game.
  • Players are given a set amount of time to complete their beach turns, which display on the game screen.

Victory In The Game

  • Each player in the Best Ludo Game Online has a set of 56 tiles that their pawns can maneuver around to score points.
  • Every time the piece advances by one step, the player’s score is increased by one point.
  • When a pawn returns to its home base, any points it has previously won are multiplied by two.
  • The winner of the game is the participant who finishes with the most points.

Best Ludo Game Online Modes

Best Ludo Game Online


Every participant in Best Ludo Game Online will have the same opportunities to increase their score as the game progresses. This mode supports either two or four players simultaneously. Before the start of the game, each player will have the chance to check out the predetermined turn count. 

When all of the players have used all their turns, the game will come to a close. Players will be placed on a leaderboard and awarded prize money according to their accumulated points.


As the game’s name suggests, the clock is an integral part of the gameplay. The player gets to choose whatever version they want to play, and that will determine how long the timer goes. It will allow a predetermined time for each player for each move. The move allows the pawn to move and provides time to roll the dice. 

The Ludo club online free is over when the timer goes off, and the scoring system is identical to the one used in turn-based games. Players in the Best Ludo Game Online will place on a leaderboard according to the number of points they have accumulated, and those who finish in the top spots will get prize money.

The Rules Of The Best Ludo Game Online
  • Every player competes on a square gameboard that features four distinct colored bases in each of the four corners.
  • There are 16 pawns on the board, with each of the four players receiving four of the same color.
  • On the board is a single cuboid, which allows players to move in different directions.
  • On the board are four bases, each denoted by a different color: red, blue, green, and yellow.
1 Vs 1 (2 Players)
  • In this game version, only two people compete over the entire board
  • The players in Best Ludo Game Online of one vs. one will have their bases colored green and blue, respectively. The player who will be given the blue card will go first
  • The two competitors will compete against one another across the entirety of the board
  • On the board, there will be only one cuboid in total
  • Both the gameplay and the rules have not changed
  • If a player misses three turns, he is out of the game, and his opponent wins the match

4 Players

  • The traditional gameplay format consists of 4 players.
  • One player in Ludo money is designated for each color in the game.
  • On the board, there will be just one cuboid in total.
  • Both the gameplay and the rules have stayed the same.
  • It will be possible to customize both the number of winners and the distribution of the prizes (as decided by the platform)
  • If a player in Ludo Paytm is eliminated from the competition due to missing three turns, the other three players will continue playing the online Ludo game and earn money.
  • If two players abandon the game or fail to take their respective turns three times, the remaining two players at the table will continue playing.
  • If any of the three players leave the table during the game or fail to take any of their respective turns three times, the player at Ludo Paytm Cash still present at the table will be considered the winner.
  • If a player exits the game before it is over, it will place in the lowest position possible. If more than one player leaves the game before it is over, we shall rank them in reverse order of when they left the game, beginning with the player who left it most recently.

Best Ludo Game Online Point Scoring System

Best Ludo Game Online
  • 1 point is a score for every tile that is moved. It means that a player’s score goes up by one point for every tile that the pawn moves.
  • Kill a pawn: Suppose a player’s pawn lands on an opponent’s pawn. In that case, the opponent’s pawn is sent back to its starting position (except when the opponent has his two pawns on the same tile, which creates a safer zone). The opponent’s pawn’s points are subtracted, with the subtracted score added to the score of the player’s pawn that caused the cut. The cutting pawn will now have a total score equal to its origins, which is equal to its score plus the points scored by the pawn that cut.
  • Every pawn that successfully makes it home will receive two times the usual number of points.
  • Every participant in the Ludo real money app can see the number of points currently held by each pawn on the board at any time.


The board game Best Ludo Game Online can be played by two to four players. Players roll dice and move their game pieces around the board to be the first to transfer all of their game pieces from the starting space to the home area. The best online Ludo game real money includes two modes: turn-based and time-based. In the turn-based mode, each player has a certain number of turns, while in the time-based option, they have a set amount of time for each move. 

The game features two distinct gameplay types: 1 versus 1, when just two players compete on the entire board, and four vs. 4, where each player has their base color on the board. The player accumulates the most points by moving their pieces across the board and returning them to their home base wins.

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