The Best 5 Andar Bahar Game Tricks Explained

Andar Bahar Game Tricks

The Andar Bahar Game may be the card game played most frequently in India. The game is played during several events within the country and involves a single deck of cards and the Andar Bahar Game Tricks

Due to its popularity, it is no surprise that most gaming sites have developed an online version.

The game is known to be a game of chance, so each player who engages in it has a chance to win. The game’s name has two sides; Andar, which roughly translates to inside, and Bahar, which means outside. These are the two odds players bet on in the game.

How Do Andar Bahar Game Tricks Start?

The game begins by shuffling cards, after which a single card is selected from the top of the deck. For the rest of the text, we will refer to this card as the joker card. The players aim to bet whether a card bearing the same number as the joker card will fall on the Andar or Bahar side.

The dealer always begins placing cards from the Andar side when playing the game physically, but rules vary in many online versions.

The bets are the most common difference between the physical and the online versions. In this example, I will refer to the version available in Hobigames. The physical version involves 2 bets: a first bet and a second bet. The first bet is for the first draw of the cards.

A card is placed on either side of the middle card, and if none matches the joker, it calls for a second bet. After the second bet, cards are placed alternatingly on the Andar and Bahar sides until a match is found.

In the Hobigames version, there is only one bet on the odds of Andar or Bahar and side bets. Side bets are wagers placed on outcomes such as the number and suit of the middle card and the number of cards you will pull before a winner is determined.

With this information, you know the basics of the Andar Bahar Game, and we can move to the best 5 Andar Bahar Game Tricks explained.

Consistency Of Andar Bahar Game Tricks

Andar Bahar Game Tricks

It is the best Andar Bahar Game Tricks, though it may not initially seem so. What do I mean by consistency? If you begin betting on Andar, consistency entails that you will continue betting on Andar until the end of the game.

The same applies to Bahar; if you begin betting with Bahar, you continue betting on Bahar to the end. Frequently changing odds can prevent you from winning. By being consistent, you have higher chances.

The D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy is a common strategy among card games. The strategy suggests increasing your bid instead of holding back on a loss. An example will make it much easier to understand. A player has just begun an Andar Bahar Game and placed a bit of ₹10 on Andar.

However, the bet fell on Bahar. According to the D’Alembert strategy, the player should increase his bid; in this case, we can say he increases his bid to 15 rupees and bets again.

This Andar Bahar Game Tricks goes hand in hand with that consistency. Players have better odds if they bet on the same side they began with. If this player makes wins at 25 rupees, their strategy suggests that he lowers his bet. In this case, he can go down to ₹20.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is like a more extreme version of the D’Alembert strategy. As the D’Alembert strategy suggests increasing your bet, the Martingale strategy, on the other hand, means that you double your bet.

Let us use an example of a player who begins a game betting with ₹10.

If he loses the first hand of the game, he is expected to double his bet, which in this case, will be ₹20. He is supposed to go on like that until he encounters a win.

This strategy ensures that each player can recover from every loss. In the case of success, the player returns to the initial bid, and the initial bid here was ₹10. Like the D’Alembert strategy, this strategy requires the player to be consistent.

Verify The Reliability Of The Site You Intend To Use

Online betting can be somewhat tricky without the correct information. Given the large global community surrounding online gaming, it is very easy for scammers to create sites that mirror popular gaming sites. 

Most of the time, it is only possible for people with experience to tell the difference.

That’s why it is important to investigate each site you plan to engage with and not download links, not from the parent site. 

Hobigames has done its best to battle this ongoing challenge by making the Hobigames app available on Google Play and the Apple store.

They have the necessary licenses to run the site, ensuring that your personal information is safe and you are protected from cash scams. Site investigation is one of the best Andar Bahar Game Tricks and applies to all other online games. Safe gaming is good gaming.

Make Reasonable Budgets For Your Gaming

Andar Bahar Game Tricks

A player should be able to make a reasonable budget that will enable him to play as many games as they would like without overspending their money. It encourages responsibility among the players.

Another advantage of betting is that when you properly budget your money, you can play more games than someone who spends recklessly. 

How do you budget money while playing Andar Bahar Game Tricks?

First of all, when you begin playing around, start with a low stake and work your way up as you observe the trend of the game that day. Also, when you win, it is best to spend only some of your winnings in one round because you are most likely up for disappointment.


The Andar Bahar Game is simple to play, and if you use the strategies provided in the Andar Bahar Game Tricks, you will have a better chance of winning. Playing other games at Hobigames will also win you real money if you do so.