About Us

HobiGames was created by a group of gaming enthusiasts to deliver what players genuinely desire. One of the most played gaming app in India is Hobigames. It’s simple, enjoyable, and loaded with enough challenges to keep you going back for more. 

The Hobigames platform allows you to play various games while also adding excitement to your mobile. We deliver the same game previously exclusive to small groups of friends and family. Thanks to our quick gameplay, safe platform, and secure transactions, we are among India’s most well-liked gaming websites.

Fans of online gaming need look no further. You can find a carefully curated collection of the top online games at Hobigames, including Rummy, Teen Patti, Dragon vs. Tiger, and more traditional Indian favorites.

You may play online Hobigames with the top players at any time of day, thanks to the more than a million participants and 24/7 games. We mix a multiplayer gaming environment that enables you to select the top most played games.

The 24-hour gaming environment contains built-in capabilities that enable thousands of participants to play various games simultaneously. Players have the option of participating in multi-table games and speedy gameplay. On the platform, thousands of players are concurrently playing in several games and tournaments.

Furthermore, HobiGames offers:

Games That Are Quick And Secure

Every participant is concerned about one thing: safe cash game transactions. Every transaction on Hobigames is entirely safe and secure. Before playing cash games, each player must complete KYC verification, and all winnings are sent directly to the player’s account. All transactions made by players go via a safe payment gateway that offers a variety of payment methods.

Got stuck on a problem? Our customer service staff is available round-the-clock. We will respond to your mail within three hours if you send one. Our technical experts will locate the issue and walk you through a step-by-step fix.

Prepare to play Hobigames on a quick and manageable. Registered players get access to special deals and bonuses with our online Hobigames platform.

If you’re wondering what makes us so fascinating, you should check out our every update with the most outstanding players from around India. We provide our players with a platform where they may play their favorite games online, compete for significant cash prizes, and take part in the most thrilling online games in India.

A user-friendly website layout meant to bring you as fast as possible into the games you want to play.

Why Play with Us?

Best Online Games

Experience the best variety you can play. Hobigames, the most played app in India, gives you exciting games you enjoy playing on your mobile.

Enjoyable Gaming Experience

We have a long list of players and visitors who come here frequently due to our seamless and unbiased online experience, no matter what time they visit us.

Fun Promotional Offers

Every day and every week, we conduct a variety of promotions. In addition to bringing in and keeping new visitors, this enables us to provide intriguing challenges that inspire our current gamers.