How To Play The 3 Patti Game? Effective Guide for Newbies

3 patti

The card game 3 Patti is played with only three cards and is popular in India. It is also widely referred to as “flash” or “flush” in India and South Asia. The game is becoming increasingly well-known worldwide, and its rules are similar to those of the British game 3 Cards Brag. 

Each participant will only receive three cards in the streamlined game versions. You have arrived at the one-stop article you need to read to learn about 3 Patti, how to play it, essential guidelines, and gameplay tutorials. In this post, you may learn a great deal about how to play 3 Patti.

How to Play 3 Patti?

In this section of our introduction to 3 Patti, we cover the fundamentals of the game and provide a tutorial for both novices and seasoned players. This game can include anywhere from three to six players; each player is only dealt three cards from the deck. Before the cards are dealt with, all of the participants must decide on a wager at the same time. The bet is placed in the middle of the table and determines the pot’s name. After the wagers have been placed, each player will receive three cards, at which point they can begin to play with strategy.

To begin, the players should concentrate on their hand of cards. When playing 3 Patti, you can either call the current wager or increase it if you have a strong hand of cards. To make a call or raise an existing bet, you are required to wager more than the previous one and have the option of adding to the boot amount.

The dealer gives each player three cards, and then you may choose whether to play as a seen or a blind player, depending on your preference. Players must increase their pots through the betting system to progress in the game, which is progressive and dependent on luck. If you have a terrible hand of cards, one alternative to lessen the likelihood of suffering a significant loss is to fold your hand.

  • Players decide on a bet amount
  • Players place their bets
  • The dealer provides three cards to every player
  • Players select to play as blind or seen
  • The player with the best hand wins the stake amount of a pot

3 Patti Rules

3 patti

It is relatively easy to learn to play 3 Patti, but it requires practice to perfect your ideas and moves. The players must educate themselves that the laws and regulations governing real-life 3 Patti play are identical to those found in casinos. The Ace is the highest card, while the two are the lowest in the deck. The guidelines for behavior are listed below.

  • The basic building block for the pure sequence is three cards of the same rank or suit, for as 222, AAA, or 555.
  • Obtaining a pure sequence involves collecting cards in orders that are consecutive and follow the same suit, such as 10, 9, 8 or 7, 8, 9 or 10, J, Q, K. A pure sequence can then be obtained.
  • To form a sequence, a “trio build” requires three consecutive cards of any suit, such as AKQ.
  • Three cards of the same color and suit are required to match the color when playing card games.
  • To form a pair, you must collect two cards of the same rank, such as KK, AA, or QQ.
  • Cards of high value but no combination
Keeping track of all of these regulations while playing 3 Patti is a compelling and engaging experience in and of itself. Those mindful of these playing guidelines will have an easier time winning. You need to get experience with these guidelines by playing more rounds of the free game versions before moving on to the premium versions of the game.

3 Patti Strategies

To succeed at 3 Patti, you need a lot of experience and a well-developed strategy. Continue to play to gain experience, and remember to start slowly. When you first start, start with minimal bets and gradually increase them as you gain more experience. The longer you play, the greater your chances of coming out on top in each round.

Playing blind is an additional component of the game of 3 Patti. Although it can be challenging, playing without seeing your opponents’ faces allows you to comprehend their emotions better and raises the stakes. Players who are blind have the option of becoming seen players by paying twice as much as their original bet.

  • Start with low stakes and gradually increase them.
  • Increase your experience by playing more rounds with lower stakes.
  • My preferred playing style is that of a blind player.
  • The stake amount needs to be doubled to become a seen player.

Different 3 Patti Variants

The game’s rules have remained the same across its many iterations that have emerged over the last few decades. The variation may come in varying stakes, including seen, wild cards, or both. One example of this is the game Cobra, in which each player gets one card to place on his forehead so that he can see the other players’ cards but not his own. 

Another variation called Best of Four gives each player a hand of four cards to work with. To win the game, each player must construct a three-card hand using the cards they have been dealt. Each of these variations is wonderful for playing the game of 3 Patti and is a beautiful way to add amusement and fun.

Tips and Guides for Basic Gameplay

3 patti
  • 3 Patti is a game of chance; it takes practice to become proficient in its rules and strategies.
  • The novice players must play more rounds while betting less to develop experience.
  • If you want to improve your ability to observe, continue to watch your opponents after they have folded their hands.
  • It is essential to pay attention to the moves that your opponents make.
  • While you are learning how to play 3 Patti and putting your bets, make sure you don’t get too worked up or emotional.
  • Playing against players at random will give you a better picture of how he plays the game.
  • Play as a player who is blind to increase the financial rewards you receive.
  • Create a more practical approach, and then carry it out with self-assurance.

Playing as a Seen or Blind Player

In the card game 3 Patti, each player has the option of taking on the role of either a “seen player” or a “blind player.” A seen player, on the other hand, will cost you twice as much as a blind player, but if you choose a blind player, you will not only save money, but you will also be able to switch to a seen player at any point in the game. Therefore, if you want to save money, it is recommended that you play as a blind player.


Players interested in winning at 3 Patti need to understand the game’s rules, various strategies, and gameplay elements. You will find it a lot of fun when you have gained some experience and are playing several rounds of 3 Patti for cash. Therefore, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to keep your strength up and play games whenever you have some free time. 

There are a significant number of Native Americans who now make their living in the gambling sector and are raking in millions. You can get money by playing games with techniques and talents you’ve learned, such as 3 Patti.

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