3 Patti Rules: The Ultimate Guide That Can Help You Win

3 patti rules

Many of us have either heard about 3 Patti in some gathering or seen someone playing cards at parties, casinos, gatherings or on Diwali; it intrigues us to know what they are playing. 3 Patti is a card game with several 3 Patti Rules you must follow. They are currently participating in a game of 3 Patti, which is India’s most well-known card game. In some areas of India, it is also referred to as a “flash” or a “flush.” 

The winner of the game of 3 Patti will be the person who adheres to the 3 Patti Rules to have the finest possible combination of cards in their hand. In India and throughout the rest of South Asia, a significant number of amateur and professional players are turning to this game.

How to Play 3 Patti?

The game, which is very much like the card game known as “3 cards Brag,” can be played by anywhere from three to seven individuals. The regular card deck with 52 cards is utilized, but no jokers are included in this game. After meticulously shuffling the deck counterclockwise, the dealer gives each player the same three cards. 

Nobody can look at the cards before they are distributed, and everyone participates in the game as a player. The winner takes on the role of the dealer for the hand that immediately follows. The player on the leftmost side of the table is the one to start the game and discard cards. Each player is limited to a maximum of three cards in their hand.

3 Patti Rules

The guidelines for how to play the game are easy to understand. The aces hold the highest possible position, while the card with the lowest value is the 2. The bet is placed in the middle of the table, and three card players take turns adding to the pot as the game progresses. Before learning how to wager in 3 Patti, a player must first become familiar with the hand rankings of the cards, as these hand rankings are fundamental to the game.

3 Patti Hands

3 patti rules

The following is a run of 3 Patti hands that a player can follow to complete a sequence and win the game.

  • Trail or Trio: In the trio variant of the card game, a player receives three cards with the same number on each. Triple 5 is an excellent example to illustrate this point. You will move to the first position in the 3 Patti game if you complete this sequence.
  • A player can achieve a Straight Run by forming a sequence of three consecutive cards, such as the 5, 6, and 7 of diamonds.
  • During a Normal Run, a player can construct three different card combinations: the Joker of Club, Queen of Diamonds, and King of Spades.
  • Flush: In this sequence, a player can acquire three cards of the same suit but not necessarily in any specific order, such as a Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, and 10 of Hearts. Straight Flush: This sequence allows players to get three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Pair: A player receives a pair sequence when they produce a line consisting of the cards A, A, and K or the same series using different cards.
  • The term “High Card” refers to the configuration of three cards by a player of varying suits and colors. For instance, the A, the King, and the Jack of any case can make up a high card sequence.

3 Patti Pure or Impure Sequences

In the game of 3 Patti, a player can build either pure or impure sequences. It is called a pure sequence when you obtain three cards in a row with the same suit and placed in ascending order.

When playing the game, a person can make an impure sequence if they obtain three cards of a different suit, color, and descending order.

The guidelines for 3 Patti are easy to understand and not overly convoluted. Let’s take a look at the 3 Patti Rules right now so we can better understand 3 Patti and have more fun playing it.

Spreading out the cards In games of 3 Patti, the dealer is responsible for distributing the cards, and the player on his left initiates the game. It gives the dealer an essential role in the game. The turn continues in a counterclockwise direction, and once the players have placed a bet, the dealer will begin dealing out the cards.

1. Hand Ranking and Sequence

A player understands that to win the game; he must complete a sequence. In the card game known as 3 Patti, the dealt cards are given a high value. The game continues like that of poker, and to win additional points, a player should try to establish a trail or a trio. The sequence “High Cards” has the lowest possible ranking and can be created by a player.

2. Playing Seen or Blind

Every player can pick whether or not they will play the game as a seen or blind player at the beginning of each game. It indicates that you can view the cards by doubling your bet, or you can play blind and have the option to see the cards at a later time. Following the initial wager, the money is added to a pot, which is then accumulated in the middle of a table.

3. Determine Stake Value

The determination of the value of the stake can take time and effort. If one player decides on the amount of the stake, and the next player wants to play as a seen player, the bet will need to be adjusted because the cost of playing as a “seen player” is equal to twice the value of the stake. 

The following player might choose to play blind if the previous player chose to play without seeing the cards. Therefore, calculating the value of the stake requires a lot of careful consideration.

4. Card Showing or Folding

The wagering procedure remains in effect until all players have left the table. The game’s victor is the player who stays in it until the end. When all but two players remain in hand after the elimination of the other players, those two players may take turns using the card-showing option. 

Whoever presses the button that causes the other player to reveal their cards will lose the game if the other person reveals high-ranking cards. In other words, the player who shows the highest-valued card wins the hand and takes the money collected in a pot.

3 Patti Game Variants

3 patti rules

Because the 3 Patti Rules are consistent throughout their variations, a player can choose the version of the game he wishes to play. Teen Patti is available in many thrilling and alluring iterations, such as Banko Teen Patti, Joker Teen Patti, Revolving Teen Patti, and AK-47 Teen Patti, amongst others. Exhilarating and fun are two words that come to mind while learning the 3 Patti Rules and playing more variations of Teen Patti. It offers an experience that is both alluring and entertaining.


The definitive guide to the 3 Patti Rules, updated for 2023, can assist players in increasing their chances of winning. The game might have anywhere from two to seven players, and at the end, one player will be crowned the victor and awarded the entire sum of money that was potted. Each player places a bet, and the winner takes all. 

In 3 Patti, players must adhere to six different types of hands and use a standard deck of 52 cards. The different ways to play more than double the amount of fun can be had, and celebrations like Diwali and other get-togethers are the same, with a game of 3 Patti to spice things up. You can  play 3 patti game at Hobigames and test out the 3 Patti Rules you have learned.

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