The Excellent Way to Play 3 Patti Joker Game : All You Need to Know

3 patti joker

Everything you need to know about the 3 Patti Joker Game. Learn all of the best ways for playing and winning the game.

The Teen Patti is a card game. The game originated in India. It has now widely spread across Asia. In the western countries, the game is played in the name of Poker. The rules of Poker and Teen Patti are almost the same. In India, the teen patti game is played during festivals, especially during Diwali.

Teen Patti is a hindi word. It means three cards. There are several variations to the teen patti card game. The teen patti game players are of big doubt if it is legal to play the game. Yes. It is legal to play the game online.

You can use the 3 Patti Joker application to play the game. There are several variations to the 3 Patti game. 3 Patti Joker game is one such variation. In this article, I will explain all details about the 3 Patti Joker variation and 3 Patti Joker application. Let us begin the game!

About 3 Patti

The players are distributed with three cards. Around three to six players can play this game. The game is played using 52 pack cards. The jokers in the pack are not used in the game. They are discarded before starting the game. The players have to place a minimum amount before they join the game. 

The players have to place this minimal amount before every game. The amount collected from the players is placed in the centre of the table and is generally referred to as pot. As the game begins, money starts growing in the pot. The money grows as the players start placing their bets. The winner takes all the money in the pot. The winners are decided based on the card ranking.

The player next to the dealer starts the game. The turn moves clock wise. That is, the player sitting to the left of the first player continues the game. The players can place their bets by seeing or not seeing the cards. If the player places the bet before seeing the card it is called blind bet. If the player places the bet after seeing the cards it is called chaal and the player is referred to as seen player.

About 3 Patti Joker Game

The 3 Patti Joker is almost similar to the 3 Patti game. The only difference is that the players receive one extra joker in addition to the three cards. That is, the players receive four cards and they can use one of the four cards as a joker. Because of this the game becomes more engaging.

3 patti joker

What Is 3 Patti Joker Application?

The 3 Patti Joker application runs in Android platform. The app is free to download from the internet. However, you need to have Android version of 5+ to play the game. The app allows you to play the standard 3 Patti game and also provides some 3 Patti variations.

The side show option in the 3 Patti Joker game app allows the players to compare their cards with the previous players. But if you use the side show option, there are two conditions. 

After you ask for side show and your cards are better than the previous user, then the previous user should pack. On the other hand, if the previous user cards are better than your cards then you must pack. If the previous user denies your side show request, then both of you cannot see each other’s cards and the game continues. The turn moves on to the next player.


Just like 3 Patti, in 3 Patti Joker also the players should keep betting till one of the following happens:

  • All the players have folded except one player. The left out player wins all the money in the pot.
  • All the players have folded except two players. At this scenario, one of the players bets for showing the cards. The other player shows the cards and the player with high ranking cards wins.

Side Show

During the 3 Patti Joker, you can ask the players to show his or her cards. You can ask at any point of the game. To this, the players can either show their cards or deny the request.

Rules For Show

The 3 Patti Joker rules are as follows:

  • The players cannot ask the other players to show their cards until all the players (except two) have folded their cards. This means only two players should be playing and the other must have folded.
  • During the show, the cards of both the players are opened. The player with the higher ranking wins and takes all the money in the pot.
3 patti joker

How Is The Ranking Determined?

To learn about the rankings, you should first know about the suits. The suits in 3 Patti Joker are as follows:

  • Straight Flush: Here the cards are in sequences and the cards belong to the same design. For example jack hearts, queen hearts and king hearts make a straight flush.
  • Flush: Here the cards are not in sequence but belongs to the same design. Jack heart, 3 hearts and 8 hearts make a flush.
  • Sequence: The cards are in sequence but do not belong to the same design. It is also called run or straight. For example, 4 spade, 5 hearts and six diamond make a sequence.
  • Two of a kind: Two of the three card are of the same number. Similarly, in three of a kind, all the three cards are of the same number but different design. Three of a kind is ranked high as compared to two of a kind.
  • High Card: The suits that do not belong to any of the above suits are called high card.

Here the straight flush is ranked higher than the flush. Flush is ranked higher than sequence. Sequence is ranked higher than three of a kind. Three of a kind is ranked higher than two of a kind. Two of a kind is ranked higher than high card. The player with higher ranking wins the game.

Hope my guide on 3 Patti Joker was helpful! Have Fun! Enjoy life!